04 Feb 2023

Mount Washington Sets New Record!

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All time record US low temperature: -47 F (-43.8889 C).

Record wind chill temperature: -104F (-75.5556 C). “Cold as Mars!)

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Seattle Sam

Global Warming is sneaky

Fusil Darne

Not a record, here. I’ve walked my dog at -47, thankfully, there was no wind.

-60 is the record cold temp in Minnesota.

bob sykes

There is something in engineering and science called “significant figures.” This means the accuracy of the reported number. Excessive significant figures is a big No-No. I used to deduct for it on exams.

So, that said,

-47 F = -44 C

-104 F = – 76 C

And you get – 2 pts for excessive sig fig.


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