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20 Aug 2007

Florida Crocodile Loses Popularity With Neighbors

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Miami Herald

A rare Florida crocodile had become something of a mascot in a ritzy Coral Gables neighborhood since he moved into the canals there two years ago.

That changed last week when the 10-foot croc killed a full-grown boxer, snatching the dog right from a Gables by the Sea back yard.

”He kept swimming around the canals with the dog’s body in his mouth for three days,” Ann Marie Millar said Thursday. “It was disgusting. Dreadful.”

Millar’s children and others along the Tagus Avenue cul-de-sac used to play tag by the canals and walk their pets along the water.

Residents first spotted the crocodile after the hurricanes two years ago, but they never paid it much attention until last week’s attack. Although it forced them to stop going into the water, the docile croc never gave them reason to stay out of their yards.

Now, after the dog attack, they want him gone. Fast.


21 Mar 2007

American Crocodile No Longer Endangered Species

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The American crocodile (Crocodylus acutus), native to Southern Florida and the Keys, has multiplied sevenfold in the past few decades, and was yesterday removed from the Endangered Species list.

They are differentiable from alligators by their longer and narrower jaws, and by lower teeth which remain visible even the mouth is closed.

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