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26 Aug 2022


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09 Sep 2021

Right Out of a Government Conspiracy and Cover-Up Thriller

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Fauci perjured himself while arguing with Rand Paul. A ton of documents obtained by the left-wing Intercept site demonstrate that the US Government really and truly had been funding outsourced gain-of-function biological weapons research at the Wuhan Lab in China. But Stephen L. Miller thinks Fauci’s going to get away with it. The Deep State and the Media and Big Tech will protect him.

I want to prepare you for something right off the bat — nothing is going to happen to Anthony Fauci. He’s not going to prison. He’s not going to be brought up on perjury charges. He’s going to be allowed to retire quietly from his post, with presidential honors, and slip into a cast member role on Dancing with the Stars, although The Masked Singer seems more appropriate.

Now that we’ve settled this and tempered any expectations a pitchforked mob might have, let’s examine the latest bombshell reporting from the Intercept. It claims that documents show Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, as well as the American National Institute of Health, outsourced gain-of-function research (the manipulation of protein spikes in natural-born viruses to increase transmissibility in humans) to the Wuhan Institute of Virology through a third party, EcoHealth Alliance.

This has long been suspected, as the role the United States government, and Fauci himself, has come under scrutiny amid a deadly pandemic that researchers now believe has killed around 15 million worldwide.

I want to go back to the transcript of Sen. Rand Paul’s fiery exchange with Fauci on July 20. Paul said, ‘On your last trip to our committee on May 11, you stated that the NIH has not ever and does not now fund gain of function research in the Wuhan Institute of Virology. And yet, gain of function research was done entirely in the Wuhan Institute by Dr Shi and was funded by the NIH.’ Sen. Paul was referring to Fauci’s statement in front of Congress on May 11 in which he said, ‘With all due respect, you are entirely, completely incorrect,’ and continued by claiming that NIH ‘has not ever and does not now fund gain-of-function research in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.’ Fauci also hedged this response by saying that he has no accounting of what the Chinese might be doing in the Wuhan lab.

According to documents obtained and viewed by Intercept reporters, we now know that Fauci’s agency and the NIH both did approve grants to EchoHealth Alliance and Peter Daszak in May 2014. The name of the project was ‘Understanding the Risk of Bat Coronavirus Emergence.’ One of the site locations for this grant was the Wuhan Institute of Virology. At the top of the grant document, viewed by me via the Intercept’s reporting, is the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases — Fauci’s agency. Fauci can certainly claim this grant was approved without his knowledge, but that wouldn’t fit with his reputation in the media of being among the most qualified health experts in the country.

Fauci can also claim the money and research granted to EcoHealth Alliance was done without his knowledge, but emails released earlier this year show that he had a relationship with Peter Daszak, the single most mysterious person involved in any of this. (Daszak is not an American citizen so putting him in front of Congress is, needless to say, tricky.) Fauci’s only line of defense is to play on the naiveté of a media that has lionized him and continues to state that the Chinese government simply went rogue and used NIH funding for their own purposes. But that would contradict his own theory, which he stands by in the face of mounting evidence, that a bat simply flew into a bowl of soup, resulting in 15 million deaths.


10 Jun 2021

Establishment Culture “Science” Is Not Science

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Leighton Woodhouse points out the intrinsic irony of calls for “Faith in Science.”

In The Revolt of the Public, Martin Gurri traces the exalted status of the modern scientist to the mythical figure of the early twentieth century renegade scientific genius, embodied most famously by Albert Einstein. Einstein, Gurri reminds us, was hardly a creature of the academy. He nearly dropped out of high school, and when he began publishing his scientific insights he was working not at a university but at the patent office. But Einstein’s singular genius, combined with his tenacious devotion to The Truth, made him first the equal and then the superior of every credentialed academic in the world. Like Copernicus, the intrepidness of Einstein’s spirit and the independence of his mind elevated him above the banal muck of human affairs, bringing him a step closer to the gods of nature.

This mythological image, Gurri writes, remains the template for our popular conception of the professional scientist. But the myth is wildly at odds with the reality of what science is today.

The modern scientific research industry is like a cross between a giant perpetual motion machine and a game of musical chairs. Scientific research is underwritten, in large part, by a steady stream of government funding. To keep the lights on in their labs, scientists need to tap into that stream. They do so by designing research projects that conform to whatever the government prioritizes at any particular moment. If, for instance, there was just a major terrorist attack and Congress was concerned about the threat of bioterrorism, scientific research that related to that concern would be likely to be fast tracked for funding, so it may be a good time for a savvy principal investigator to start pitching projects aimed at developing vaccines for bioengineered pathogens. The successful scientist is the one who is particularly adept at writing fundable grant applications pegged to some politically salient research objective, and then generating laboratory results that make some sort of incremental progress toward that objective to justify a renewal of that grant funding in the next cycle.

The modern professional scientist is thus less like Albert Einstein than like his co-workers at the patent office. He is a bureaucrat, albeit a highly technical one. His goal is, to be sure, to seek The Truth, but only within the very narrow parameters of what other bureaucrats and politicians have deemed to be questions worth asking.

Anthony Fauci is the Platonic form of the scientist-technician-bureaucrat, which is why he has held his position as one of the top scientists in the nation for decades and through multiple administrations. As a creature of both science and politics, he has made himself indispensable as an interface between the two worlds and as the individual best positioned to mold the former to suit the needs of the latter. After 9/11, he transformed NIH into the agency at the front line of defending America against the imminent threat of jihadis armed with weaponized plague viruses. He championed “gain-of-function” research, which essentially meant building those superviruses before the terrorists did, the better to find vaccines for them. And once the Islamic terrorist threat faded a bit from our collective memory, he re-tooled this heftily-funded research into humanity’s front line of defense against Mother Nature, “the worst bioterrorist.” Unfortunately for Fauci, in the process, he may have — oops! — created one of the biggest pandemics in human history. …

At every such juncture, we’ve been admonished to “believe the science.” But this is not science; it’s politics. Science demands a reflexive posture of skepticism toward received wisdom, tempered by trust in empirical evidence. Bowing habitually to expert authority on the strength of titles and credentials is the antithesis of the scientific mindset. It is precisely what Democrats adopted the “party of science” moniker to reject: willful obedience to those who hold cultural and political power.


07 Jun 2021

“Trust the Science!”

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Kurt Schlichter is dead right about credentialed experts. A badge or a diploma does not make anyone omniscient or invariably trustworthy. In fact, these days, membership in the community of fashion elite pretty much guarantees intellectual conformity and the absence of critical intelligence.

The great progressive dream is to dispense with rule by us mere citizens in favor of a government staffed by technocratic, disinterested experts who selflessly apply the principles of science (social science and real science) to create a better, more efficient, effective, and impactful society. Of course, the progressive advocates of expertocracy assume that those experts will share their coastal, urban and blue perspectives, mores, and values – funny how that works. And it has been working, for them at least. We normals are now expected to defer and submit to the commands of unelected functionaries bossing us around for our own good, though this is only good for those said experts and their fellow travelers in the ruling class. Over about 250 years, America has gone from its leaders being selected on the basis of the divine right of kings to its leaders being selected by on the basis of the divine right of nerds with advanced degrees from Yale.

The sordid reality of our glorious expert caste is exemplified by that nimrod gnome Fauci taking a break from generating conflicting stories about how he helped fund a Chi Com bioweapons lab to giggle in his emails about how Brad Pitt played him on SNL, a TV show that was last funny … well, ask your dad when that was – he might remember. See, today even alleged the experts in comedy are falling short.

It might be one thing if the experts demonstrated some expertise. If these doofuses could actually make the trains run on time, at least our trains would be on time. But our experts today are such that they think it’s a great idea to spend billions on high-speed trains running between Bakersfield and Fresno – the one choo-choo journey on earth where you desperately want to be late.

Have you noticed that all the experts…stink?

The experts on war haven’t won one in twenty years.

The experts on diet told us for decades we needed to eat processed carbs and eschew the meat our ancestors thrived on.

The experts in finance gave us 2008; the experts in healthcare gave us Obamacare.

This is not new. Long ago, the experts gave us eugenics and the Tuskegee syphilis experiment, perhaps the best proof one might offer to support the notion of systemic racism since, of course, the experts are a key component of the System.

Now, experts are not always wrong. In fairness to Dr. Fauci he was right about COVID, at least for a moment. Of course, this is only because, over the last 18 months, that ubiquitous shrimp has literally taken every possible position on the pandemic, so he was bound to have been right at least once simply because of the sheer number of different and often contradictory poses he struck. Remember the Great Mask Circle of Jerking Us Around? His just-FOIA’d emails reiterate that idiocy. First, masks were bad, then good, then we needed two masks. One of those has to be correct, right?

And then there are the Wuhan lab lies. “Oh well I never! The thought that commies might have let a bug out of their lab is preposterous, unscientific and – worst of all – racist!” Yeah, it was a real stretch for those nuts on the internet to think the source of a bat coronavirus outbreak might not be the pangolin buffet just around the corner from one of the only labs in the world doing US-funded Frankensteinian experiments on bat coronaviruses. So nutty, in fact, that the smart people at Facebook – experts in fact-checking, according to themselves – suppressed those nuts while the smart people in the media called it a “conspiracy theory.” And guess who was right? The nuts.

But hey, you should totally believe the experts when they tell you that, no Schiff, no foolin’, this time the world really is going to burn to a crisp in 10 years if you peasants don’t give up your trucks, cheeseburgers, and freedom.


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