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01 Apr 2012

Best April 1st Posting

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Bird Dog, at Maggie’s Farm, explains how he and his talented collaborators became fabulously wealthy simply by publishing a conservative portmanteau blog.

(Scrupulously following our secret contract, Bird Dog never divulged the six-figure per link fee that NYM pays him.)

Secret video of Bird Dog celebrating his financial success achieved by blogging.

01 Apr 2008

This Year’s April Fools Day

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Wikipedia publishes a list of pranks and hoaxes.

I assume the Independent‘s story on a US Depression of 2008 is one of these. Sorry, Matt Drudge.

01 Apr 2006

April Fools Day


Wikipedia is keeping track of today’s gags.

I got this one in the mail from the Life Liberty, Property list this morning:

Sorry, everyone, but I’ve had a change in philosophy, reflected in my blog’s redesign.

Take care, comrades. May the chains of the evil capitalists rest lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were ever part of the proletariat.

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