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08 Mar 2014

Latest Left-Wing Grievance: Belly Dancing by Western Women

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Yale has had a student belly dance society since 2003.

In Salon, Randa Jarrar inveighs against Western Imperialist appropriation of belly dancing which she regards as a kind of cultural property to which only Arab women of color are entitled.

Arab women are not vessels for white women to pour themselves and lose themselves in; we are not bangles or eyeliner or tiny bells on hips. We are human beings. This dance form is originally ours, and does not exist so that white women can have a better sense of community; can gain a deeper sense of sisterhood with each other; can reclaim their bodies; can celebrate their sexualities; can perform for the female gaze. Just because a white woman doesn’t profit from her performance doesn’t mean she’s not appropriating a culture. And, ultimately, the question is this: Why does a white woman’s sisterhood, her self-reclamation, her celebration, have to happen on Arab women’s backs?


Eugene Volokh responds by wondering aloud: What would Salon think of an article called, ‘Why I can’t stand Asian musicians who play Beethoven’?

23 Mar 2006

More Middle Eastern Activity at Yale


John Fund doesn’t get the Yale Alumni Magazine, which seems a pity. If John had looked into the latest issue today, he would have discovered that admitting young Rahmatullah as a special student is just the tip of the iceberg (excuse me! sand dune) in Yale’s latter day pilgrimage in the direction of Mecca.

The Alumni Mag reports that Yale these days has a student belly dancing society (founded 2003) with 30 members. O tempora, o mores!

(I was hoping the web-site offered a DVD, but no such luck.)

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