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08 Nov 2014

Coming December 7: “Eaten Alive”

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IJReview alerts us to an upcoming television first.

Discovery Channel’s Eaten Alive is airing an episode in which wildlife enthusiast and filmmaker Paul Rosolie is consumed by one of the largest anacondas in the world. Rosolie wore a snake-proof suit that helped him live through the horrifying stunt.

Rosolie and his team searched through the depths of the Amazon to capture the monstrous snake so that he could performer the daredevil act. After Rosolie is inside the suit, he will be covered in pig’s blood in order to make himself more appealing to the snake, then will proceed to go head first into the mouth of the beast. …

During the stunt, Rosolie is connected to a cord, which his team used to pull him safely out after he was swallowed whole.

While the Discovery Channel is keeping most of the details quiet for obvious reasons, they have said the snake lived through the stunt and was not harmed.


Sneak Peek:

05 Aug 2013

Megalodon Returns (Just in Time For Shark Week)

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Alleged Nazi archives photo, dated 18 December 1942, of U-boats and very large shark off Capetown

The Discovery Channel happens to be reporting, by the strangest kind of coincidence, just at the beginning of “Shark Week,” several pieces of evidence suggesting that the giant Megalodon shark (fl. roughly 28 to 1.5 million years ago, during the Cenozoic Era, late Oligocene to early Pleistocene) is still with us.

Grind TV

I promise that I will provide updates featuring the debunking of the WWII photo as soon as I find it.

Hat tip to Anne Ryan Dempsey [FB].

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