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30 Jul 2006

New Hampshire Would Be Nice (This Time of Year)

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The Free State Project proposes to enlist 20,000 persons of basically libertarian bent who will sign a pledge to move to New Hampshire within five years on the basis of the theory that this would constitute a sufficiently influential constituency to keep the Granite State free of sales taxes, income taxes, gun control, and other afflictions of statism as ever.

Personally, I like New Hampshire, but I tend to think it may require more than 20,000 additional votes to balance out the impact of all those flatlanders fleeing Taxachusetts, who arrive in New Hampshire and start looking for public services and facilities just like the ones they had back in Brookline.

There is also the consideration of the inability of such a movement to appeal to the decadents who have lived in California, or other sunbelt locations, too long, and who now believe that cold weather and snow represent intolerable hardships.

Hat tip to Mr. Ogre.

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