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06 Apr 2006

Stealing the Cannon

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There is a tradition at Caltech that a Spanish-American War cannon, the property of Fleming House (one of its student residental houses), is fired to mark a number of important events.

Twenty years ago, students from Caltech’s in-state rival Harvey Mudd stole the Fleming House cannon, gaining national news coverage, and undying glory, for their feat. The cannon was returned to Caltech after about two months.

It was anticipated that the current generation of Harvey Mudd students would try to repeat the theft of the Caltech Cannon on the 20th Anniversary of the original heist, but more enterprising rivals of Caltech from MIT struck first.

The cannon is in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the web-site of a bogus moving company, “Howe & Ser” triumphantly displays the cannon now sporting an MIT class ring.

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