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04 Nov 2017

Donna Brazile

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Politico story

13 Sep 2017

“Of Course Hillary Clinton Identifies with Cersei Lannister. They Are the Same Person.”


Robby Soave, in Reason, nails it,

What’s the difference between Game of Thrones character Cersei Lannister and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton? One is an entitled narcissist who quietly supported her lecherous husband (whom she clearly loathed) when it was politically convenient, then insisted it was her turn to rule (even though it wasn’t), chose boot-lickers, ass-kissers, and elitist bankers as her advisors while alienating more competent and better-liked people who might have helped her, exacted petty vengeance on imagined enemies, escaped justice and the judgment of the people by destroying her main rival—the charismatic, income-inequality obsessed populist—with an explosive cheat, and was left confused why so many people in her country would rather be ruled by a complete political unknown who tells it like it is.

The other fucks her twin brother.


17 Dec 2016

Electoral College Meets Monday


29 Nov 2016


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09 Nov 2016

Jeff Goldstein Speaks for All Real Conservatives

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The near-future Trump House

On FB:

For the record, I am absolutely ecstatic HRC is alive enough to watch her lifelong dream die at the feet of an inarticulate orange septuagenarian. She’s a revolting opportunist who has gotten rich off of government and, as we see from leaked emails, she literally despises her own natural constituencies and doesn’t much care about her country. He tears taste like warm drizzled butter over the world’s greatest crab cake. I want to eat it, then rub the plate over my nipples.

That being said, the GOP now has a pussy-grabbing Walter Mondale as its leader; if you’ve bothered to look past the Eagles and red hats and paid attention to Trump’s policy positions, you are now on to hoping he is reined in by actual Republicans / conservatives / libertarians. Because, eg., repealing Obamacare only to replace it — as he’s promised — with a system that removes the individual mandate for consumers but keeps the pre-existing conditions mandate on insurers, means there is no longer any incentive to purchase or maintain policies, and we will be a de facto single payer country. That has long been Hillary’s goal.

Similarly, increasing tariffs capriciously will only empower govt and heighten the conditions for quid pro quo cronyism and government intervention into competition. It EXPANDS the role of the state, as do most of Trump’s populist positions. That has long been Bernie Sanders’ goal.

So yes: while today I will bathe naked and erect in Cher’s bitter tears, tomorrow I will *still* steadfastly refuse to support progressivism — no matter what letter it wears behind its name.

And that is especially true when it presumes to speak in mine.

09 Nov 2016

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

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We are never ever going to have to see Hillary Rodham Clinton as President of the United States. The United States remains a stodgy old-fashioned country which has never elected a female chief executive.

For reasons none of us understand, relations between Russia and the United States have recently been growing dangerously hostile, with all sorts of saber-rattling gestures and escalating shows of force. Putin likes Trump, and Trump has the opposite of any kind of personal investment at all into whatever mysterious policy preferences of the Obama Administration have led to Russian-US conflict over Syria. The Trump Administration ought to be able to reset relations with Russia. Therefore, we do not perish in the near future due to a nuclear exchange.

We have the presidency and control of Congress and we have a mandate to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Merrick Garland (no fan of the Second Amendment, he) will not be getting confirmed by the Senate. Hopefully, Trump will keep his promise and appoint someone a lot more like Scalia.

The country is tired of living in perennial recession Obamaland. If Trump introduces those promised tax cuts, on top of replacing the Obamacare mandate, economic confidence should soon begin coming back, and with it the long-awaited real recovery.

We’ve been obliged to live for 8 years under a totally-unqualified Anti-American Affirmative Action president, just so the community of fashion could feel good about itself. Now they get to live under a totally-unqualified crude vulgarian elected by rural and working class Americans as a huge F You to them. What goes around comes around.

There’s no denying it. A Trump Presidency has got far more entertainment value that Hillary’s would have ever had. His gaffes will be funny. Hers would only have been painful to watch.

And, finally, The Donald is 70-years-old. He’s the oldest geezer ever elected president. All he needs to do is go toes up, and Pence is president, and Pence seems to be a very decent guy.

06 Nov 2016

Wikileaks Reveals Podesta Does “Spirit Cooking”

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And here most of us thought Hillary was the witch!









BoingBoing explains.

05 Nov 2016

Better McMullin

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Evan McMullin

Ricochet’s Mr. D is going with Evan McMullin. I think his argument is sound.

Hillary Clinton is awful. No question. This is not a matter of who is marginally more suited for the Oval Office – neither one is. We know Hillary’s sins – deceitful, scheming, greedy, paranoid, vindictive, incompetent, and very likely criminal (feel free to pile on if I missed anything). She has experience, I’ll give her that, but it is not good experience. She was my Senator for eight years, and I can’t recall a thing – good or bad – she did in that time. As Secretary of State, her hands were tied by Obama, but she still embraces his policy choices now. I will concede she may be better on trade and foreign policy than Trump, but that’s not a given.

To say Trump is better is like saying Charles Manson is more likely to go to heaven than Joel Rifkin. He is vain, lecherous, ignorant, and dishonest. He has done nothing to show he has thought through issues, or even cared to learn the responsibilities and limitations of the office he seeks. He has the moral standards of a pig, and a well-earned reputation for being a dishonest business man. Like Hillary, he lies nearly as often as he speaks, but she at least can craft plausible falsehoods. He will lie in his second breath about what he said with his first, and expect you not to notice. He lied about his faith, yet had such contempt for the faithful that he didn’t even bother learning enough to make that lie plausible. He does not have the history of abuse of power that Hillary does, but that’s most likely because he’s never been in a position to do so.

This is not a question of which candidate is more suitable for office. In my opinion, neither one meets even the minimum standard to be called President. I believe both will be bad for the country. Both are unfit.

If you are convinced otherwise, that’s fine. I have regretted votes I have cast in the past, so who am I to tell say you are voting wrong? And even if you are, you are as entitled to do so as I am.

But the point is over the past year both candidates have had the chance to sway me – Trump more so because he was more of an unknown factor. Both have failed. Hillary is still under investigation, still has no rationale for running, and her pandering has only become worse. Trump is marginally better as a candidate, but he is no more honest or decent than he was a year ago.

On a national level, my vote will not affect the outcome of the election. It only matters perhaps in what message it might send (even then it will be but a drop in the bucket).

So I am tossing my vote to Evan McMullin. As a former CIA field operative, he has already risked more for his nation than either major party candidate. On paper, at least, his policies most align with mine. More importantly, he seems to be a decent human being. His lack of executive experience would likely have kept me from voting for him in the primary, but that would have been a case of less fit, not unfit. It is a vote I can cast with a clean conscience, and to me, that is what matters most. Many of you will vote for Trump with a clean conscience. More power to you. As Shakespeare wrote in Henry V, “Every subject’s duty is the king’s, but every subject’s soul is his own.”

Read the whole thing.

05 Nov 2016

More 2016 “I Voted” Stickers

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03 Nov 2016


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31 Oct 2016

2016 “I Voted” Stickers

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22 Oct 2016

Exorcisms Needed!

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