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20 Jan 2016

Israel 3D map



Raphael Richard Haar, on Facebook, argues that Israel requires the “west bank” territories in order to have defensible borders. His 3D map seems pretty persuasive to me.

A one dimensional picture is worth a thousand words. How many words is a three dimensional picture worth?

Notice the green flat coastal plain, 70 percent of Israels population resides in this region. 80 percent of Israels industrial base is also in this region.

Notice the beige mountain range of Judea Samaria. This is a natural protective barrier against ground invasion. Land can not be invaded and occupied by air power, only boots on the ground controls territory. The vast majority of Israel fresh water supply is captured within the aquifers located under and within this region historically known as Judea Samarian (The Biblical Heartland)

Conclusion; The Jewish Communities, towns villages and cities on top and in Judea Samaria are not an “obstacle to peace” they prevent war. If Israel where to come down from these mountains she would be a tasty little morsel that would invite invasion from the global Islamic supremacist movement that surrounds battle ship Israel, who is floating in a Sea of Arab tyranny. The Biblical heartland, where Israel maintains her existence.

04 Apr 2013

Improving the Map of Europe

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The Economist
redraws the map of Europe, giving Poland and Lithuania a break by moving them out of their inconvenient position between Germany and Russia. Great Britain gets to bask in the sun off the coast of Spain. And there are other helpful changes.

People who find their neighbours tiresome can move to another neighbourhood, whereas countries can’t. But suppose they could. Rejigging the map of Europe would make life more logical and friendlier.

Britain, which after its general election will have to confront its dire public finances, should move closer to the southern-European countries that find themselves in a similar position. It could be towed to a new position near the Azores. (If the journey proves a bumpy one, it might be a good opportunity to make Wales and Scotland into separate islands).

In Britain’s place should come Poland, which has suffered quite enough in its location between Russia and Germany and deserves a chance to enjoy the bracing winds of the North Atlantic and the security of sea water between it and any potential invaders.

Belgium’s incomprehensible Flemish-French language squabbles (which have just brought down a government) are redolent of central Europe at its worst, especially the nonsenses Slovakia thinks up for its Hungarian-speaking ethnic minority. So Belgium should swap places with the Czech Republic. The stolid, well-organised Czechs would get on splendidly with their new Dutch neighbours, and vice versa.

04 Nov 2010

It’s Red Country Again

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click for larger version

As this Politico map again demonstrates, outside a few urban enclaves, this is basically a Republican-voting center right country.

12 Feb 2010

Unemployment 2007-2009

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“Scariest thing you’ve ever seen.” says my wife who sent me the link to this map illustrating the impact of the recession county by county.

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