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28 Jun 2012

Somewhere in Europe

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Theo published this photo of a seriously decayed Mercedes Benz 300SL. The picture seems to have come from a Latvian web-site‘s collection of photos of abandoned supercars.

Presumably sitting out there in the rain, somewhere in Europe, awaiting restoration is a serious contender for most desirable car of its 1954-1963 era.

Ones in good condition seem to be going in the $600,000-700,000 range.

18 Jun 2010


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Mercedes Benz SLS AMG

Next year, if you have somewhere in the neighborhood of $200,000 to spend on your next car, Mercedes will be importing to the United States the spiritual successor to the legendary 1950s 300SL. It will even have gull-wing doors, and just watch what it can do.

2:54 video.

Hat tip to Jan Hartigan via Robert Breedlove.

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