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30 Mar 2017

Things Guys Like

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Max Acie is deeply moved by old-time police uniforms, classic Indian Scout motorcycles, and the Model 1895 Colt-Browning “Potato-Digger” Machine Gun.

You would never have any trouble finding willing recruits if this was your recruiting poster. It doesn’t matter if you’re organizing an army or a Mah Jong tournament. That picture sells, baby. It has everything:

Indian motorcycles
A sidecar
A machine gun mounted to the sidecar

Other than three hots and a cot, no man needs more. That’s the four macho food groups right there, in one recipe. I’d join. I don’t even know what it is, and I’d sign the enlistment papers. I mean, I certainly hope they’re good guys, and they are planning on machine-gunning only bad people who have it coming. However, if they’re planning on running over puppies and strafing orphanages, I’d have to pause for at least five seconds before signing up to think it over. But I’d sign up. A man’s only human.

Via Vanderleun.

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