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13 Jul 2024

It Has Happened Here

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The Biden regime threw a political opponent into prison earlier this month. His crime? Steve Bannon asserted executive privilege and defied a partisan subpoena from Congressional democrats.

Democrat Attorneys General Eric Holder and Merrick Garland and Head of IRS Lois Lerner all did exactly the same thing and were never punished.

Naomi Wolf expresses the sense of outrage and indignation that every American should share.

05 Apr 2011

Victim-Feminist Naomi Wolf Piles On

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Naomi Wolf is a member of Yale’s Class of 1984, who in 2004 published a spectacularly self-important, much-ado-about-nothing article in New York magazine claiming that one of Yale’s most illustrious English professors had once placed his hand above her knee. The university’s failure to avenge appropriately an alleged unwanted advance on her say-so alone, Wolf wrote, shook her confidence in Yale as an institution. She has been wanting to get even, apparently since 1983, and now’s her chance.

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