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24 Jun 2008

Fox Cub Video

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Many years ago, an English foxhunter from Gloucestershire found a tiny female fox cub shivering in a field one morning after some heavy rains. Presumably the vixen had been trying to rear her litter of cubs in a drain culvert, and the family wound up dispersed when their home was flooded out. He took the cub home, where he and his wife raised her to adulthood. They named the cub “Samantha,” after a sexy film star of the period.

The fox was acclimated to the wild by being permitted to run around outdoors in the daytime, and was eventually released into the wild (after she developed an unfortunate habit of slaughtering a neighbor’s rare breed poultry in broad daylight).

He recently assembled and posted some period home movies of Samantha (which are delightful) on YouTube as a 3:05 video to share with an online foxhunting community.

The foxhunter apologized for the less than ideal quality of his video, which resulted from his slow Internet connection. Unfortunately, cable & DSL Internet connections are commonly not available out in the country.

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