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16 Nov 2021

Swiss Shooting Champion Retires at Age 85

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Reuters has a poignant shooting story from Switzerland.

Surrounded by other sharpshooters, scraggly-beareded Toni Hacki lifted his long rifle and took aim across the Ruetli meadow where Switzerland was founded in 1291, just as he had done for the past 51 years.

But this time, his performance didn’t live up to his standards, and he decided it would be his last.

“Today went badly. My vision failed me,” grumbled Hacki, who blamed the sun getting in his eyes as he aimed.

More than 1,000 sharpshooters gathered on the shores of Lake Lucerne last week for the annual Ruetli Shooting, an event that has been held since the 19th century, which pays homage to the country’s foundation as a medieval confederation of cantons.

Many of the shooters competed using military-style black rifles, wearing contemporary sports gear. Hacki wore a thick button-up leather jacket. The barrel of his gun was wooden (sic)*.

Two decades ago, Hacki was the champion. Next year, he will return as a spectator, he said.

“I will come back but I won’t shoot. That’s over now.”

* He means the stock is wood.


There’s a famous story the Swiss like to tell:

“In 1912, the German Kaiser visited Switzerland and asked a Swiss minister what the quarter of a million strong Swiss army would do if Germany invaded with 500,000 troops. The minister replied: “Shoot twice and go home.”

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