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21 Jul 2022

Disneyland Drops Walt Disney’s Opening Speech

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People my age are old enough to remember the Disney hour that ran on Sunday nights on ABC starting in 1954. The weekly programs were generally introduced by the warm, avuncular Walt Disney himself. Walt Disney deliberately presented himself as a living embodiment of the totality of wholesome family values and American patriotism. Americans enjoyed his animated cartoons, movies, and television productions for most of the first half of the century, and the whole country was saddened when he was carried off by cancer at a relatively premature age.

The Disney Company, in recent years, has embraced Leftism and Wokery and turned it back decisively on the values of its founder. The New York Post reports on the public indignation over their latest outrage.

The celebration of Disneyland’s 67th anniversary turned sour over the weekend as some fans noticed that the Mouse House left out a nod to its controversial founder, Walt Disney.

Fans took to social media to call out the company for omitting Walt’s iconic opening day speech, which has featured every year since 1955 at the Anaheim, Calif., theme park.

“Why did Disneyland cut Walt Disney’s opening day speech from today’s anniversary celebration?,” asked one fan on Twitter.

Walt Disney, the man behind Mickey Mouse, has been both celebrated for his genius and condemned for alleged anti-Semitic and racist views. Although there is some debate over those claims, in recent years, the Mouse House has made sure to distance itself.

Disney did not respond to requests for comment.


Go Woke, go broke.

28 Mar 2018


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(Planned Parenthood pulled the original for some reason.)

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