28 Nov 2007

Pundits Speculate on Hillary’s Moves

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Dick Morris predicts that Hillary will respond to Obama’s Iowa challenge with the Clinton machine’s traditional no-holds-barred attack dog politics.

As her once-formidable lead in national polls dwindles and Barack Obama moves ahead of her in the all-important Jan. 3 Iowa caucuses, Hillary Clinton will likely intensify her negative campaign against her rivals.

The Clintons’ political MO has always had a good dose of negative campaigning, especially when the going gets rough. There’s no reason to assume that they will alter their game plan now. …

Their favored method of getting out negative material about their foes is to hire private investigators to dig up dirt, which they then release through feeds to friendly journalists.

Consider the Lewinsky scandal. When Linda Tripp got to be a danger, the Clinton people released her Pentagon personnel file to Jane Mayer (then a reporter for The New Yorker). A federal judge later reprimanded two Clinton operatives for this violation, and the government had to pay Tripp more than $600,000 – but the damage was still done.

Meanwhile, Clinton staffer (and Hillary favorite) Sidney Blumenthal peddled the line that Monica was a stalker to journalist Christopher Hitchens. And White House operatives told ABC News’ Linda Douglas of incoming House Speaker Bob Livingstone’s infidelity scandal before it was made public.

In the ’92 presidential campaign, the Clintons openly disclosed their use of private detectives to dig up ammunition on women who had accused the presidential candidate of having affairs with them, disclosing that they paid detective Richard Palladino over $100,000 in campaign funds. But, of late, they avoid such embarrassing disclosures by hiding their detective bills in their legal expenses.


Meanwhile, James Lewis, at American Thinker, suggests that Hillary is so downright nefarious that she planted the press rumors of a lesbian affair as a diabolically clever means of self-immunization.

So you’re Hillary Clinton, and your past can’t withstand examination. What do you do? Well, try a little Black PR operation.

Call it a pre-emptive self-inflicted smear. Because you know your shady past is bound to come up, and a lot of that stuff happens to be verifiable. (Who does Norman Hsu remind you of?)

So you need to discredit so-called “Swift Boating” — which actually means telling the truth about you.

You plant in the London Times a truly outrageous and false rumor about your relationship with Huma, your young and beautiful Saudi aide. Along with a picture of you two walking side by side. Then you discredit the Huma Ruma. That’s pretty easy, because it’s false.

Huma Abedin relationship rumor postings


Hillary is clearly inspiring fear of just what she might be capable of in some quarters.

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Dominique R. Poirier

“Meanwhile, James Lewis, at American Thinker, suggests that Hillary is so downright nefarious that she planted the press rumors of a lesbian affair as a diabolically clever means of self-immunization.”

Hey, not that farfetched and that might even be a shrewd stratagem as past historical examples show us.

In 1959 on the Avenue de l’Observatoire in Paris, France, François Mitterrand who was former Justice Minister of France at that time, claimed to have escaped an assassin’s bullet by diving behind a hedge. The incident best known as the “Attentat de l’Observatoire (the Observatoire Plot) brought him a great deal of publicity, boosting his political ambitions to become Prime Minister. In this case a whistleblower revealed the hoax one week later to a newspaper. Prosecution was initiated against Mitterrand but was later dropped, as usual as French are wont to witness similar indulgence when their politics get caught, even when red handed.

At last, François Mitterand succeeded in his endeavors beyond all expectations as he held two consecutive mandates of president of France from 1981 to 1995.


To find out how the strike helps Hillary when she deserves none of it, check out this new hit piece on Hillary at http://thirdrailradio.blogspot.com/


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