27 Jan 2008

Conservative French Presidents Do Better

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Recently-divorced French President Nicholas Sarkozy has been making headlines dating supermodel and international pop singer Carla Bruni.

International Herald Tribune 2007-12-17

Wall Street Journal 2008-1-25

The WSJ article notes that Carla Bruni has yet to breakthrough in the US (hip hop-dominated) music market, but readers can listen to this 2:26 video of Bruni singing her best-known song Quelqu’un M’a Dit and judge for themselves.

The last time a US liberal president was seeing someone on the side, it was Monica Lewinsky.

One Feedback on "Conservative French Presidents Do Better"

Dominique R. Poirier

I express much interest in music and listen and appreciate nearly all musical genres, with few exceptions such as loud and violent rap and contemporary hard rock, politically engaged folks who strum away on acoustic guitars in their desperate attempts to claim “artistship,” and sexy fashion plates whose vocal accomplishments are indebted to the performance of sound engineers and up-to-date technology.

I’m also somewhat knowledgeable about French music and singers, even though their popularity seldom succeeds at crossing the borders of their country — the example of this country shows that politics doesn’t mix well with authentic talent.

Unless I forget someone, Music composer and performer Jean Michel Jarre and, earlier, the late singer Claude Francois (with “My Way”) were the only ones who truly made it, as yet.

So, the honest opinion of the enlightened profane I am says that Carla Bruni’s performance is unlikely to leave a mark in the history of popular music, at this point; even in France.

Popular success is something one cannot just buy…

A similar case exemplifying this difficulty is this of French female “singer” Vanessa Paradis. Even though she enjoyed indefectible support from her brethrens of the French establishment singe age 9, Vanessa Paradis never succeeded at collecting significant success, even in her own country.
She finally won the fame she was looking for, not as an artist but as a famous housewife, in marrying American actor Johnny Depp.


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