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27 Jul 2020

Good One From Monica

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10 Aug 2019

Epstein Commits Suicide

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07 Jun 2018

#MeToo News

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The Onion: Bill Clinton Still Waiting For Personal Apology From Monica Lewinsky For Using Power As Intern To Exploit Him Sexually.

13 Apr 2018

Bill Clinton Presidential Portrait

The Clinton Library is open now…and they have unveiled the Official Portrait.

14 Jan 2018

Tweet of the Day

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16 Nov 2017

Yglesias Does the Liberal Two-Step

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Fun, fun, fun! Matt Yglesias demonstrates the fine liberal art of feigning repentance as he throws the no-longer-useful Bill Clinton right under the feminist issues bus. Former heroes of the Left are all very well, but getting Roy Moore could mean one more vote in the Senate.

I, like most Americans, was glad to see Clinton prevail and regarded the whole sordid matter as primarily the fault of congressional Republicans’ excessive scandal-mongering. Now, looking back after the election of Donald Trump, the revelations of massive sexual harassment scandals at Fox News, the stories about Harvey Weinstein and others in the entertainment industry, and the stories about Roy Moore’s pursuit of sexual relationships with teenagers, I think we got it wrong. We argued about perjury and adultery and the meaning of the word “is.” Republicans prosecuted a bad case against a president they’d been investigating for years.

What we should have talked about was men abusing their social and economic power over younger and less powerful women. ….

Unfortunately for me, I’m a little too old to get away with claiming to have had no opinion on this at the time. My version of a sophisticated high schooler’s take on the matter was that the American media should get over its bourgeois morality hang-ups and be more like the French, where François Mitterrand’s wife and his longtime mistress grieved together at his funeral.

As a married 30-something father, I’ve come around to a less “worldly” view of infidelity. As a co-founder of Vox, I’d never in a million years want us to be the kind of place where men in senior roles can get away with the kind of misconduct that we’ve seen is all too common in our industry and in so many others.

Most of all, as a citizen I’ve come to see that the scandal was never about infidelity or perjury — or at least, it shouldn’t have been. It was about power in the workplace and its use. The policy case that Democrats needed Clinton in office was weak, and the message that driving him from office would have sent would have been profound and welcome. That this view was not commonplace at the time shows that we did not, as a society, give the most important part of the story the weight it deserved.

As the current accountability moment grows, we ought to recognize and admit that we had a chance to do this almost 20 years ago — potentially sparing countless young women a wide range of unpleasant and discriminatory experiences, or at a minimum reducing their frequency and severity. And we blew it.

And, if no Republican were in the cross-hairs, let us ask ourselves: what would Matt Yglesias be saying? We know perfectly well he’d be taking the same position he did twenty years ago.

07 Sep 2017

Tweet of the Day

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10 Nov 2016

“Leading Historians Say”

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10 Oct 2016

Great Moments in American Politics: Trump Threatens to Jail Hillary If He Wins

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Do you think Bill made this face before or after Donald said Hillary would be in jail?


Donald Trump on Sunday threatened to appoint a special prosecutor to go after Hillary Clinton for her use of a personal email account while she was secretary of state.

“I didn’t think I’d say this but I’m going to say it, and I hate to say it, but if I win, I am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation because there has never been so many lies, so much deception, there has never been anything like it and we’re going to have a special prosecutor,” Trump said during the presidential debate, referring to her emails.

Clinton responded by inviting viewers to fact-check what Trump was saying on her campaign website.

“We have literally Trump, you can fact check him in real time. Last time, at the first debate, we had millions of people fact-checking. So I expect we’ll have millions more fact-checking because, you know, it is, it’s just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country,” she said.

“Because you would be in jail,” Trump said to Clinton.

The great lines keep on coming this presidential election, don’t they?

04 Aug 2016

Is Trump Deliberately Throwing the Election?

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Let’s see, this week, Donald Trump continued his public attacks on the family of a Muslim US Army Captain killed while serving in Iraq.

Trump made it clear that he is uninterested in GOP unity by announcing specifically that he is not supporting Paul Ryan or John McCain.

Airing of the famous Daisy political commercial by Democrats was made redundant when some source within the Trump Campaign leaked to Joe Scarborough the unsettling information that Donald Trump asked an unidentified foreign policy expert engaged in advising him, three times, why the US could not use nuclear weapons. That one made headlines all day yesterday.

The same RNC bigwigs who suppressed opposition and rammed the Trump nomination through the Convention two weeks ago, this week, are reportedly panicking.

Reince Priebus is described as “very frustrated” and “stressed,” because he is “running out of excuses” to offer party bigwigs about Trump’s political incompetence and indifference to basic political norms. Republicans are panicking because Trump is frittering away a chance to defeat Hillary Clinton amid “self inflicted mistakes” and “missed opportunities.”

Trump is sinking in the polls. Even Fox News is giving Hillary a ten-point lead.

And it’s only the beginning of August. The boxcar-loads of opposition research the Dems and their media allies have been saving up are still just sitting there, waiting to be unloaded and fired.

We are faced with two possibilities: either Donald Trump is such a spoiled and totally-deranged sociopathic narcissist that he is out of touch with reality, unadvisable and uncontrollable, and his personal dementia is causing him to self-destruct in the course of the campaign, or the Clinton-Trump Conspiracy Theory, the hypothesis that Trump was put up to all this by Bill Clinton as a diabolically-clever, Hail-Mary-Pass strategy to sabotage the Republican Party’s nominating process and elect the hideously-unpopular Hillary in what-ought-to-have-been a Republican landslide victory year, is really true.

(NYM contemplated the Conspiracy theory as far back as February and found further evidence in May.)

There is no way to know the truth at present, but it’s going to be interesting to watch events unfold.

Either way, whether Donald Trump is simply so nutsy-cuckoo that he can’t help sabotaging himself, or whether he is throwing the election deliberately and intentionally, it is a sad commentary on all those loco-in-the-cabeza Trumpshirts out there that they have been themselves barking mad enough to pin their hopes and lend their support to a totally-unqualified, ethically-challenged, blowhard millionaire, who is dubiously Republican and obviously anything but a principled conservative. Don’t blame National Review or the Conservative Movement for electing Hillary, when it was you who rejected all the decent, rational, conservative, and qualified GOP candidates and went whoring after a Reality-TV Celebrity Clown with a big mouth and a handful of airy promises and crackpot policy positions.

27 Jul 2016

DNC Poll



27 Jul 2016

About That Speech…

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