04 Dec 2008

Supreme Court To Consider Hearing Obama Citizenship Lawsuit

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Chicago Tribune:

The U.S. Supreme Court will consider Friday whether to take up a lawsuit challenging President-elect Barack Obama’s U.S. citizenship, a continuation of a New Jersey case embraced by some opponents of Obama’s election.

The meeting of justices will coincide with a vigil by the filer’s supporters in Washington on the steps of the nation’s highest court.

The suit originally sought to stay the election, and was filed on behalf of Leo Donofrio against New Jersey Secretary of State Nina Mitchell Wells.

Legal experts say the appeal has little chance of succeeding, despite appearing on the court’s schedule. Legal records show it is only the tip of an iceberg of nationwide efforts seeking to derail Obama’s election over accusations that he either wasn’t born a U.S. citizen or that he later renounced his citizenship in Indonesia.

The Obama campaign has maintained that he was born in Hawaii, has an authentic birth certificate, and is a “natural-born” U.S. citizen. Hawaiian officials agree.

If Obama really was born in Hawaii, and actually has that legitimate birth certificate, why does he have a problem with producing and displaying it?

This 1:02 video has an inflammatory and partisan tone, but does summarize the questions about Obama’s citizenship succinctly.

16 Feedbacks on "Supreme Court To Consider Hearing Obama Citizenship Lawsuit"

Bob Sykes

After Florida 2000, how much fun would follow from a decision by the Supremes that Barry wasn’t a natural-born citizen?

Henry Bowman

It seems pretty clear, because Obama has been quite deliberately dodging this issue for so long, that something must be amiss. Either he was not born in the U.S. or some other politically damaging information might be on his actual birth certificate.

That said, I would be very surprised if the Supremes had the gonads to take a stand on this issue. If Obama was judged ineligible to be President, can you imagine the race riots that would result? If you think this might actually happen, please be prepared.

Sallie Parker

All humm, mmm, very interesting. This issue has had an awful lot of trouble getting traction. Just too outrageous, a “conspiracy theory” of the lunatic fringe. Why, even Charles Johnson of LGF has led the sneering columns. I wonder if the truth lies in the middle–something fishy and unfortunate, but not fatal.


This case should have been about John McCain, if you take the “Scalia” approach to the Constitution, being born in the Canal Zone, makes it impossible for him to have been president. (bases don’t count as America for people to be Natural born americans.). Lets see, Obama was born in kenya? his mother flew him to Hawaii (at least a 24 hour trip in those days of prop jobs) to get a birth certificate? Or he, as a minor, renounced his citizenship. Get real twits.

Debra Lucero

Today is the day we find out if the Supreme Court has what it takes to decide this issue about obama being eligible or ineligible once and for all. There is a lot of talk about riots if they find him ineligible but I think that will be nothing compared to the civil war that will happen if the Court decides to ignore this issue just hoping it will go away.

Who Cares

Thank goodness we live in a country where even the lunatic fringe has access to the courts. Every once in awhile, they’re right about something.

But not this time. First, even if the SC did grant cert, the only issue they’d address is if Berg has standing. Which he doesn’t, as the lower court correctly ruled, so the SC will deny cert. But let’s say they do grant cert. Then, another miracle, let’s say Berg convinces them he has standing. All that’s going to happen is that the case will be remanded to the lower court for trial, at which point Berg can try to prove BO is not a natural born citizen. Which he can’t, because the available evidence and testimony will be overwhelming (notwithstanding the comical testimony of “Dr. Polarik”, who has a PhD in typewriters), and even if it isn’t, it doesn’t matter, because everyone except the lunatic fringe will choose to believe it.

So it’s all good political circus, good for a laugh or two, and I’m sure Berg is profiting handsomely from all the attention, but it’s time for the rest of you to take off your tinfoil hats.

Who Cares

“If Obama really was born in Hawaii, and actually has that legitimate birth certificate, why does he have a problem with producing and displaying it?”

Actually, he has, repeatedly, but this really isn’t about his BC. For some, it’s about a desperate need to find any plausible excuse, no matter how far-fetched, to keep a nigger out of the WH. For others (nihilists at heart), it’s simply a chance to throw a wrench in the gears in the hopes of seeing a train wreck. In either case, even if the heavens were to open and God himself were to appear with the BC in question, most of the wingnuts here would claim he can’t provide testimony because there’s no way to administer an oath.

Debra Lucero

If obama has provided the proof as you say then why hasn’t the media been jumping all over it? They have been mighty quiet on this issue, perhaps hoping it will all go away? There has been so much controversy over this that had obama provided proof, not some forgery, do you not think his media would be airing it every night on the news. They would be gloating over it. If obama has provided proof and is eligible like you say, then why has he hired three law firms to keep the information, asked for in the lawsuits, unavailable to We The People? He is definitely hiding something. We do have the right to know who our President is. I would think even you liberals would like to know who (or what) you have chosen to rule you.


If Obama is indeed not a natural born citizen, then he would be committing heresy as President of this country. Does the truth not matter any more ? Our country would be vulnerable like never before.

Who Cares

“If obama has provided the proof as you say then why hasn’t the media been jumping all over it? … do you not think his media would be airing it every night on the news.”

No, because generally the members of “the media” have an IQ above that of a turnip. They listened politely to the lunatic rantings (on the off chance there might actually be something to it), checked it out, and were convinced, not just beyond a reasonable doubt, but beyond the slightest hint of a shadow of a doubt, that not only was there nothing to it, but it wasn’t even interesting enough as a whacky conspiracy theory to generate a few laughs. But otherwise, they never hope anything goes away. Milking a story endlessly is what they do. BO providing a forged BC would definitely qualify as extended job security.

Here are a few other issues “the media” has been “mighty quiet” on:

1) BO was a member of Stalin’s Politburo and was directly responsible for the deaths of millions.

2) BO secretly infiltrated the KKK and used the organization to lynch his political rivals.

3) BO has fathered 27 children out of wedlock, including Jesse Jackson, who is actually BO’s oldest son.

“I would think even you liberals would like to know who (or what) you have chosen to rule you.”

Let’s say you’re right–BO was born in Kenya. Not only that, but he’s a secret Muslim, and (and this is known only to his closest associates), he’s actually a super secret Satanist who plans to have midnight masses in the basement of the WH where he’ll drink your children’s blood.

We. Don’t. Care. Really! He’s not GB and he’s not JM, and that all by itself would be good enough. “Oh, but the constitution blah blah blah.” If for a microsecond we thought this actually had anything to do with the constitution, we might take you a little more seriously, but it’s not, you know it, we know it, the world knows it.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t pursue the issue. I’m a strong believer in the utility of the lunatic fringe. Plus, on a personal level, I’m sure it fills your otherwise empty lives. Keep at it! One of these days you might actually stumble upon something that actually matters.

Who Cares

“Does the truth not matter any more?”

In general, no, especially when by “truth” you mean “my loony conspiracy theories”.

“Our country would be vulnerable like never before.”

To what, exactly? More intelligent and inspiring black men entering public service? Already pining for the days of GB and extraordinary rendition, waterboarding, illegal wiretaps, and inept emergency management?

Debra Lucero

If obama is indeed eligible to take office then why has he hired three law firms to make sure no one sees the documents the court has asked for?
Read the article “Pravda raises Obama eligibility issue.” http://www.worldnetdaily.com. obama has no credibility with the majority of the people, just with those who keep drinking the kool aid.

Annie NoBama

Mr. Obama, you owe the American people a lot of explanations. First among other questions I have about you, please answer the following.

First: Your campaign received several millions (NOTE: plural on the millions) in contributions via e-mails and wires from “mysterious” overseas sources, many of them known to have come from Middle Eastern parties. Why are they so interested in you becoming President? Just whose “pocket” are you in Mr. Barrack “Barry” Hussein Soetoro, citizen of Indonesia, or whatever your name is in your country?
The forefathers of our United States Constitution sought to safeguard this great country — to prevent this very situation from happening — by making it a requirement that our Chief is an AMERICAN. BUT a hoard of bedazzled brains-turned-off image-worshiping press-swallowing Americans elected the first Afro-Indonesian President of the U.S. God, save us, and help us.

Secondly: Tell us why you seem to attract, hang around with, and have as “neighbors” (?) such a colorful collection of extremist anti-American radicals, Mr. Obama? It’s comical to me that your own WIFE publicly expressed strong anti-America sentiments from her podium before your handlers reigned her in. This is the “sounding board” you live with? The woman you claim to admire?

Thirdly: You’re INVISIBLE, Mr. Obama — there are no records of your “footprint” ANYWHERE you’ve been. Why is that, Mr. Obama? What are you trying to hide from us? And here is the single most important question is: WHO IS HELPING YOU?

So… all of your records (in excess of 20 key documents of your past, your health, your nationality) have mysteriously been “mislaid” or, in the case of your birth certificate (proven to be fraudulent) “sealed” by you, Mr. Obama. Why? and How can this be?

It sickens me to realize that so much hangs in the balance — this is a BIG deal, people. All that stands between you taking the helm and perpetrating some anti-American agenda on it’s people is the audacious hope that the U.S. Supreme Court will TAKE ITS RIGHTFUL STAND and INSIST that you produce those documents or not take the oath of office. You must be flushed out as the FRAUD that you are before you’re sworn in. PLEASE, Justices, don’t let us down.

a Constitution-loving American who intends to cling to her religion and her guns.

Barbara Conley

I, too, would like to see Mr. Obama prove that he is who he claims to be and that we are not being fooled. I am not a wide eyed extremist as most of the right wing are trying to say, just a stay at home house wife that loves our country and the constitution on which it was founded.

It seems to me if Mr. Obama was truly born in Hawaii, there would be a hospital showing his birth, not so. Also, it would seem that he would just show us his actual birth certificate, not a certificate of live birth. The school would not take a certificate of live birth when I enrolled my children in school, I had to show them an actual birth certificate. Why would we take less for the most important position in the USA?

I guess that I don’t hold Obama responsible for his mother’s bad decisions – like to leave him with his grandparents shortly after his birth – but, I do hold him responsible if the certificate of live birth is a forgery as indicated and also his statement that he had never gone by any other name – when he had done so. That is something that was within HIS control.

This has nothing to do with his race as so many try to say – it is just common sense that we want someone that is truthful in charge of our great nation.

It seems that there is deception that has fallen on our land and so many are just taking everything Mr. Obama and the media says as fact – I and many thousands of Americans would like proof – that should not be too much to ask.


For those that don’t know yet, it seems the Supreme Court isn’t even going to hear the complaint filed against Obama. They just rolled over and said “We don’t want to hear it, we don’t want anything to do with this.” So all of our questions as to whether or not he is an actual citizen will never be answered. I too simply wanted proof one way or the other. If he was born in Hawaii produced the certified certificate and be done with it!! Where is all the paperwork that should have been presented and how did he get so far without presenting it to someone?? What does he have to hide if anything?? And if he doesn’t have something to hide why NOT produce it?! I guess it is the same in all things, MONEY TALKS!! And Obama certainly has a lot of money to do whatever he wants. Perhaps the presidency is just one such thing that he has “Bought” his way into!
I doubt we will ever know the truth now so ALL of us Americans just have to live with “What the People” have chosen!! God help us, I doubt it. We reap what we sow!! And NO I’m not a radical or a racist or a a christian fanatic, I am one of many that just wanted the paperwork shown to prove something, anything!!!

Debra Lucero

Do not give up hope yet. There is an article in World Net Daily (www.worldnetdaily.com) that is saying the Supreme Court will hear another case on the issue this Friday.
“Eligibility dispute, Part 2, scheduled by Supremes. Court rejects claim challenging candidacy, schedules another for Friday conference.”
Hopefully this time they will listen to We The People.


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