09 Dec 2008

Controversial Martial Arts Video

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The appearance of the short version of this video on YouTube earlier this year attracted many hits.

The video shows a referee, identified as Isao Nakamura Fushiki, putting a decisive stop to some post-karate-match aggression on the part of the contestant in blue.

It was clearly posted with intent, being labeled “Karate Master attacks 17-year-old,” and comments on YouTube and on martial arts sites have been overwhelmingly harshly critical of the behavior of Fushiki.

Apparently, despite the video’s recent appearance, the actual incident occurred a long time (eleven years!) ago at Autonomous University of Tamaulipas in Mexico. No explanation for the video’s sudden appearance has been found.

Isao Nakamura Fushiki is identified on the Net as a 7th (or 10th) dan Goju Ryu master (one source says Shito Ryu) who was World Kata Champion in 1970, 1971, and 1972 (one source says he was champion five times during the 1970s). One commenter in Spanish says that he served as an Imperial bodyguard for Hirohito and was known to Japanese karate fans as “the madman.”

The event was clearly not a conventional karate match, since the blue-clad contestant is wearing a kung fu outfit rather than a gi. Various commenters claim that the contestant in white was Fushiki’s pupil or even younger brother.

His takedown was certainly effective, but his third strike, the foot stomp to the head, seems generally to be thought to have been excessive.

Short version: 0:33 video

Long version: 3:15 video

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The opponent in white struck after the whistle and the blue opponent stupidly retaliated. Here the ref rightfully intervined, but he went from ref to participant right after the takedown. Kick number one was cheap and cowardly against an unprepared and down opponent, kick number two showed the out of control nature of the ref himself.

Takayoshi Alvarez

Please llow me to start with this ”As in listening to an argument, some things will be missed and even unclear, so is not wise to make a new solution for an old problem unless you bring about a new understanding”.
A true budoka does not cover up the mistakes of his relatives, advisors or friends. A spiritually developed one does not cover his own mistakes; he admits them. Nakamura sensei did not cover his mistake, so he is a true Budoka.

Takayoshi Alvarez

Some people carries worry at all times because they do not know it is the constant growing which sustains the attainment of mastery. I meet Nakamura sensei recently in Dominican Republic and I can say that He is an excellent person.
The guy who put that video on the web look like must think about that THE ROADS OF LEARNING AND FORGIVENESS HAVE NO END.

Takayoshi Alvarez. Kyoshi Hachidan. Goju Ryu

As the light of the sun penetrates silently the gap of a door and gently expelling the darkness; thus the real teacher, with his teachings and example, must expels the gloom of the ignorance of the mind of the students. It is important thing it’s not the past but what we do in the present to have a better future. It’s not what we receive but what we can contribute.
The truly wise is not the one that know many true things but the one who live it.
The most important is the family and friends we going to cultivate with our karate practice not how many other´s people mistakes we can show to our fellows karatekas.

Martial Arts Videos

I love martial arts. Thanks for the great info. I have been collecting martial arts videos for ages


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