06 Jan 2009

Allegedly Seen From Key West on New Year’s Eve

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Photo and video described as having been shot at Key West at Sunset, New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2008. It certainly looks like a missile. via Coast to Coast.

No official comments or MSM reports so far.

7:09 video

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I agree with most of the observers on you tube – it’s no missile, and it’s not from Cuba. Note it’s proximity to the setting sun (unless, of course, that’s a rising sun). Either way, it’s too far in the west (or the east) to be coming from Cuba – which is pretty much due south of Key West.

The whole thing goes on far too long to be a missile launch. I’ve seen launches from Canaveral at a similar distance – a rooftop outside Gainesville – and the entire contrail forming trajectory is laid down in less than 90 seconds.

Daniel Tanner

Well, I was there and it was a sunset, the last of 2008, and I was at Mallory Square. It seemed to be more from the Texas/Mexico direction. At first it looked like a plane went down but then we saw the trail extend upward and it kept going for a good while. Let me know if you find anything out.


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