09 Jul 2009

Leftwing Dems Accuse CIA of Lying to Congress

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Anna Eshoo (Calif.), John Tierney (Mass.), Rush Holt (N.J.), Mike Thompson (Calif.), Alcee Hastings (Fla.), Jan Schakowsky (Ill.), and Adam Smith (Wash.) reopened Congressional democrats’ attacks on the CIA, releasing yesterday a letter dated June 26th directly contradicting CIA Director Leon Panetta and asserting that “significant actions” were concealed from Congress and charging the CIA with misleading Congress.

The ball is now in Leon Panetta’s court, and I think his response will be interesting.

The Politico:

A letter released late Wednesday by six (actually 7 – JDZ) Democratic House members claims that Central Intelligence Agency Director Leon Panetta testified that “top CIA officials have concealed significant actions… and misled” members of Congress since 2001 — a claim the CIA is contesting.

The letter did not specify what actions were concealed, or how members of Congress were misled.

In it, the Democrats demanded that Panetta correct a statement he issued on May 15 – just after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused the CIA of misleading her during the Bush years about the agency’s use of waterboarding techniques – stating that it is not the CIA’s “policy or practice to mislead Congress.”

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413-3. This was the vote of the U. S.
Congress to remove Alcee Hastings as Federal Judge. Alcee was one of Jimmy Carter’s finest picks. He was impeached and removed. Nancy Pelosi was set to support Alcee as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, but she pressured into changing her mind–imagine that.

Alcee lives in a glass house.

T F Stern

These slimy buggers have the audacity to be upset for what they call deception on what are not trivial matters and yet they have lied about major legislation which they passed, foisted fraudulent EPA data on the public to create a crisis and stolen trillions of dollars in the name of emergency funding for a stimulus package which is nothing more than Pork which will make government bigger and even more expensive and intrusive. Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how’d you like the performance…

Reaganite Republican

It’s more than a little obvious that Panetta got orders from Team Obama to cover for Queen Nancy’s BS-spree… but their are other centers of power at Langley that won’t stand for this rubbish.

Pelosi was every bit as informed on the decision to us EITs as were the GOP… but is now lying about it in an attempt to appease the antiwar left and fulfill specious campaign posturing.

And apparently Pelosi and Obama forgot something: the CIA KILLS people… it’s in their job description. Did these two really think that these killers were going to just meekly take-one-for-the-team… when the team captain is a lying, incompetent, arrogant nebbish who has basically told them they need to kiss his ring? -please

Obama really kicked an ant hill with his ill-advised and politically motivated release of Bush Administration memos regarding EITs.

Let’s have a hearing and get it all out there, shall we? Then watch the rats scatter who attacked Bush for protecting the country from terrorist attack… but who clearly knew what was going on five years before we heard a peep out of them.


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