15 Jul 2009

Obama Booed in St. Louis

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The crowd booed him, and his opening pitch at yesterday’s All-Star Game apparently failed to reach the plate. Fox News charitably avoided broadcasting the humiliating results. Looks like the magic is starting to ebb.

1:03 video

Hat tip to Gateway Pundit.


UPDATE 7/16:

The contention was made in Comments that Obama wasn’t really booed. The commenter argued that a few people always boo, but more people cheered Obama, this commenter asserted.

In reply, commenter T&L44 supplied a link to this 1:01 video
which provides a fuller view of Obama’s sissy pitch and in which the boos (and an announcer commenting on them) are very distinctly audible.

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Are you kidding me? Yes there were boos, but the overwhelming majority of fans at the park were cheering and they drowned out the boos. Why try to re-write something as silly as this. Yes, everyone will admit there were boos, any president will get boos, but to imply that the “crowd”, as a whole, booed him is just plain false if not downright dishonest. This just shows you the depths that republitards will go to just to make themselves feel good. Congratulations to the tea-bagging, flat-earthers, you’re really gaining headway for the next round of national elections.



non-edited video of the full pitch with loud boos here


Hey, I just stumbled on your blog and found it interesting, particularly this post. I watched the All-Star game and was quite disappointed by the boos from the crowd. Whether we like him or not (and I don’t) Obama is our president, and as such deserves some respect. Your website is keen to point out the folly of those who blindly follow left-wing, p.c., environmental fanaticism, yet what indeed were the fans in St. Louis doing but following the sort of blind, mob mentality that (as I believe you claim) the readers of the New York Times do. An ass is an ass, whether it be left or right wing.


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