20 Jul 2009

“God, Guts, Guns… and American Pickups!”

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Everybody today is watching this amusing skirmish in the culture wars.

Butler, Missouri car dealer Mark Muller turns the tables on oh-so-superior CNN interviewer Carol Costello foiling an attempted slam interview. Costello was intending to put Muller on the spot by confronting him in a live interview over a sales promotion at his dealership awarding a AK47 semi-automatic rifle with the purchase of a new pick-up truck.

But Muller quickly proves to be a lot more likable than the smarmy and condescending Costello. He answers frankly, as she continually targets him with hostile questions invariably presented as what “some people might say.” And the rube car dealer proves entirely capable of embarrassing the slick professional reporter by demonstrating repeatedly her weakness on details (like his name).

5:51 video

From Suzanna Logan.

3 Feedbacks on "“God, Guts, Guns… and American Pickups!”"

Lazarus Long

Mr. Muller stood tall and handed that woman her a**. The old liberal verbal deflection ” I had guns in my house when I was growing up”, Yeah, Right!

Scott D

What’s particularly amusing is her constant assertion that “some people might have trouble with that.” Certainly anything that some people (i.e. liberals) might have a problem with cannot not be tolerated. Guns, God, Big Vehicles. All things that correct-thinkers abhor.

ed duval

This same car guy guy is now protesting against the NFL because of
the whole Rush Limbaugh/St. Louis Rams thing.
Saw this on CNSNews.


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