12 Nov 2009

Quite Interested Lion Eyes Woman and Children Inside House

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Humans… They’re what’s for dinner.

One of the participants on a bamboo fly rod list forwarded the link to this 2007 YouTube video of a mountain lion looking into the window of a Colorado home in very much the manner of a house cat sitting patiently outside a mouse hole.

The lady doing most of the filming seems a bit overconfident in the ability of window glass to serve as an impenetrable barrier to wildlife. One can see the lion giving some serious consideration to having a try. Fortunately he decides in favor of prudence, or I expect we’d have never seen this video.

Apparently, the lion had been seen hanging around the vicinity of these people’s house before the video was made. The sensible thing to do would have been to shoot this particular lion.

One Feedback on "Quite Interested Lion Eyes Woman and Children Inside House"


“Peasant under glass”. I’m sure this woman and her neighbors would be horrified if the lion had been shot.

When will these dopes realize that they are wild animals? One poor woman has to go through life blind and disfigured because her friend thought it wise to keep a fully grown chimpanzee.


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