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11 Aug 2022

What a Fraud!

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Democrat Colorado Senator Michael Bennet is running for re-election, and this campaign ad depicts the Senator as a real Colorado outdoorsman and fly fisherman.

Watch carefully, and you’ll see that he has no idea of how to fish. And what the video fails to tell you is that Bennet purchased a 24-hour fishing license specifically to make the ad.

Fox News

30 Jan 2021

87% of Bureau of Land Management Bureaucrats Quit When Trump Moved the Agency to Colorado

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Who could possibly live here?

The Federal Bureau of Land Management regulates and controls the huge percentages of Federal-owned land Out West — 84.9% 0f Nevada, 64.9% of Utah, 61.6% of Idaho, 61.2% of Alaska, 52.9% of Oregon, 48.1% of Wyoming, 45.8% of California, 38.6% of Arizona, 35.9% of Colorado, 34.7 of New Mexico, 29% of Montana, 28.5% of Washington. Their policies and decisions, needless to say, have tremendous impact of the economies and the lives of residents of the states where they ruled unchecked over vast portions.

God forbid that those federal viceroys and satraps should be forced to live among their subjects in a picturesque city of a mere 60,000 at the Western end of Colorado. Can you even get shawarma out there?

Personally, I don’t see how there could possibly be more eloquent proof that the wrong people are in charge in that agency, and that the federal government ought to quit squatting on 30-80% of any state’s land and should get busy transferring its ownership to the people.


The Trump administration’s decision to relocate most Bureau of Land Management headquarters staffers out West — a move designed to shift power away from the nation’s capital — prompted more than 87 percent of the affected employees either to resign or retire rather than move, according to new data obtained by The Washington Post.

The exit of longtime career staffers from the agency responsible for managing more than 10 percent of the nation’s land shows the extent to which the Trump administration reshaped the federal government. The reorganization plan reestablished the bureau’s headquarters in Grand Junction, Colo., moved 328 positions out of the main D.C. office of the Department of the Interior — BLM’s parent agency — and left 60 jobs in place.

A total of 287 BLM employees either retired or found other jobs, according to Interior communications director Melissa Schwartz, while 41 people moved to the new office in [Grand Junction] Colorado. Asked for comment on how the shift affected the bureau’s operations, Schwartz declined to comment.


17 Jan 2021

Liberal Refugees From Blue States Are Turning Red States Blue

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Remember lovely, isolated, once rock-ribbed Republican Vermont? Trust fund Bolsheviks and retired stock brokers from Connecticut and Taxachusetts poured in, fleeing their home states’ left-wing mismanagement and spendthrift taxation.

But, no sooner did they arrive than they began lobbying for new services and progressive ways. Now everybody’s crazy Jewish communist uncle is Vermont’s senator and Brattleboro is famous for Nudism.

The politics of Austin, Texas have a distinct resemblance to those of Berkeley, California, and California refugees have wrecked all of Eastern Colorado.

Mark Pulliam finds that they are all over the place in Eastern Tennessee these days, and warns that they are probably coming to your rural red state, too.

As a resident of a small town in east Tennessee, I regret to report that wokeness is everywhere, even in the brightest-red areas of Republican-majority states. My town is home to a small, 200-year-old, Presbyterian-affiliated liberal arts college that appears to be an island of sanity in higher education. But it’s not, and neither is the rest of the town.

When we relocated here from Austin, my wife and I imagined the school was comparable to Hillsdale College, except nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. My wife and I quickly learned the reality is otherwise when a supposedly faith-based lecture we attended on campus was devoted to the teachings of Karl Marx rather than Jesus Christ. The lecturer, who teaches “religious studies” at Skidmore College, is the daughter of the host school’s equally-leftist campus minister.

We were also chagrined to learn that the local public library—in a county that voted for President Trump in 2020 by a margin of 71-27 percent—maintains a curated “antiracism” reading list that includes controversial fare such as Ibram Kendi’s “How to Be an Antiracist,” Robin DiAngelo’s “White Fragility,” and Ta-Nehisi Coates’ “Between the World and Me.”

Ignoring the blight homeless people inflict on library users across America, the local library also provides office space to a newly formed organization serving the homeless, with which the library works as a partner, even engaging in “street outreach.” The library staffer leading this initiative is—predictably—a graduate of the local leftist college. Indoctrination works.

Even though the area is overwhelmingly Republican, the local paper (owned by a national chain headquartered out of state) is unfailingly and obnoxiously left. The editor admits that one of his “life’s greatest disappointments” was being interviewed by The Washington Post and getting turned down for the job. The local paper is a WaPo wannabe, albeit relying heavily on Associated Press reportage. It consistently boosts leftist ideas, locally and nationally.

Due in part to the paper’s favorable coverage, a leftist activist who chaired the local Democratic Party and founded the radical organization Indivisible East Tennessee was recently elected to the ostensibly nonpartisan city council. The local Republican Party belatedly—and reluctantly—supported the center-right candidates in a four-person race for two seats. Supported by Soros-funded organizations from outside the state, the Democrat eked out a second-place finish by a few hundred votes, establishing a leftist toe-hold in an otherwise solidly conservative county.

Complacency is a problem for east Tennesseans. They are so used to Republicans winning elections that they falsely assume victory is automatic. It is not.


HT: Bird Dog.

07 Sep 2020

In Colorado, No Less!

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We are living no longer in the Home of the Brave and the Free, but rather in the Home of the Wussies, Bedwetters, and Nincompoops.

Read the latest from KDVR News Denver:

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KDVR) – A 12-year-old boy has been suspended for having a toy gun he never brought to school.

Isaiah Elliott attends Grand Mountain, a K-8 grade school in the Widefield District #3, just south of Colorado Springs.

On Thursday, Aug. 27, the seventh grader was attending on online art class when a teacher saw Isaiah flash a toy gun across his computer screen. The toy in question is a neon green and black handgun with an orange tip with the words “Zombie Hunter” printed on the side.

The teacher notified the school principal who suspended Isaiah for five days and called the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office to conduct a welfare check on the boy without calling his parents first.

“It was really frightening and upsetting for me as a parent, especially as the parent of an African-American young man, especially given what’s going on in our country right now,” said Isaiah’s father, Curtis Elliott, in an exclusive interview with FOX31.

Curtis’ wife Dani Elliott was equally furious with the school’s decision to notify her, only after deputies were on their way to the family’s home.

“For them to go as extreme as suspending him for five days, sending the police out, having the police threaten to press charges against him because they want to compare the virtual environment to the actual in-school environment is insane,” said Dani Elliott.

The Problem Solvers obtained the sheriff’s report and it confirms the teacher “said she assumed it was a toy gun but was not certain.”


06 Jun 2019

Boulder… Colorado

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MSN News:

An 8.5-million-pound rock that fell from a ridge onto a Colorado highway will be turned into a landmark, Gov. Jared Polis announced. The rock will remain on Highway 145 between Cortez and Telluride, and the road will be rebuilt around it.

The boulder, which is the size of a two-story building, tumbled from a cliff 2,000 feet above the roadway, CDOT officials said.

Another smaller boulder also smashed into the road, carving a deep trench across the highway. The smaller rock has been blasted, and its fragments were carried away.

The new landmark boulder will be dubbed “Memorial Rock,” in honor of Memorial Day Weekend, when it fell, officials said.

Leaving the boulder where it fell will save taxpayers around $200,000 in blasting and cleanup costs, Polis said.

The Polis administration was filing federal paperwork for the landmark designation.

09 Apr 2019

Gun-Free-Zone Robbed at Gunpoint

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National Gun Network:

People enjoying some hot wings the other day in Colorado Springs, CO got a front row seat to proof of the efficaciousness of a virtue-signaling gun-banning sign. Buffalo Wild Wings is a gun-free zone. It says so right on the sign on the front door in big, bold letters: “Buffalo Wild Wings, Inc Bans Guns on These Premises.”

The sign is highly effective 99.9% of the time. Just hope that you’re not there and unarmed for the 0.1% of the time when the place gets robbed, like it did the other day.

Two robbers, one with an “assault” rifle and one with a pistol, stormed into the restaurant and walked right past the sign that clearly bans guns.

Imagine how embarrassed they would have been if they had seen the sign! They probably would have turned right around. Maybe they couldn’t read, which led to their life of crime. …

The guy with the “assault” rifle didn’t even have to point it at anyone at Buffalo Wild Wings. He just held it and yelled at everyone to get back and stay down. To which they got back and stayed down, being civilized folks who had obeyed the sign on the front door banning guns.

The guy with the pistol was a bit more zealous with his crowd control measures, however. He pistol-whipped one person with his banned pistol, then grabbed the hostess in a choke-hold and held his banned pistol against her head until the register was emptied.

One of the civilized customers got down on the ground and crawled out the back door in a dignified manner, and then called the police. “They showed up in like 10 seconds,” she said. However, despite the rapid police response, the thieves got clean away with the cash.

It’s a good thing that no one was hurt! Well, except for the hostess who was choked and the person who got pistol-whipped and needed to go to the hospital.

The really good news is that Buffalo Wild Wings’ sign banning guns was almost totally effective. Aside from those two bad apples that robbed the place with guns, no one else in the restaurant had a gun! Compliance!


15 Feb 2019

Travis Kauffmann Explains How He Killed a Mountain Lion With His Bare Hands

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17 Jan 2017

Breckenridge, Colorado


Piled-up snow provides easy access to rooftop for a fox family. CBS Denver

16 Jul 2016

Deputies Free Bear Trapped in Car


Jefferson County, Colorado.

Hat tip to Bird Dog.

19 Apr 2016

Give it to Trump, Good and Hard

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Canadian Cincinnatus, at Ricochet, quotes Marion Evans:

    One way to deal with gadflies, rogues and bullies is to give them exactly what they want on the theory that they will eventually do themselves in. Since his Colorado debacle, Donald Trump has been arguing that the delegate attribution should reflect the percentage earned by each candidate in each primary/caucus. But under these new “Trump rules,” his total delegate count today would be 564 (table below), well below his official current total of 755.”

[and he observes himself:]

The simple truth is that Trump is in over his head. He lost Colorado because his team failed to show up. Tens of thousands of people showed up and voted in the caucuses … just not for him because his campaign was AWOL. In contrast, Cruz has set up dedicated campaign teams in every state, in some cases, for years, and continues to operate them after the primaries are over in order to snag the actual delegates. This is called playing by the rules.

Until recently, this part of the game eluded Trump’s attention because nobody else was paying attention to it either. There hasn’t been a brokered convention in decades. But Cruz paid attention, and began working on this before anybody thought a brokered convention was likely That says a lot about Cruz’s perspicacity and thoroughness… as well, as Trump’s. These qualities are supremely relevant to the job of president.

I think Trump entered the presidential race on a self-promotional lark and — to his great surprise — found himself winning, mostly because he accidentally tapped into underlying issues such as political correctness and immigration. When he first adopted them, I don’t think he had any clue about their potency.

He is like the dog that caught the car he was chasing; he doesn’t know what to do next.

17 Aug 2015

“We’re From the Government. We’re Here to Help.”

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14 Aug 2015

They Had One Job

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