11 Jan 2010

DC Launches Today

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Roger Simon and Charles Johnson never got those Ferraris everyone thought they’d soon be driving back when Pajamas Media launched.

PJM, at least, survived, but nobody got rich. Heck, Charles Johnson even lost his good sense, changed sides, and now devotes his blogging activity to defending Warmism, enforcing political correctness, and bashing conservatives. Sad, very sad.

Let’s hope Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller, launching today, proves more fortunate.

DC has been described as intended to represent “a conservative answer to Huffington Post.” Arianna Huffington responded to the launch with a gracious post, observing amusingly that her own Huffpo was founded as “the progressive answer to Drudge.”

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Ron Coleman

Really, it’s reached the point where PJM needs Glenn Reynolds to bait-and-switch readers into clicking a link to the PJM website.

I am not unbiased. I was once a PJM B-list pundit (“blogger roundtables” or something). It was actually a very uncomfortable experience for a number of reasons, mitigated to a large extent by my getting to “meet” guys I like such as Scott Ott and Stephen when they were on the same installment as I was. They sent me my own lapel mike and cool little earbuds, too, which seemed just about the right level of compensation to “talent” such as myself based on the massive audience I was obviously generating.

Ultimately I made the consistent mistake of not taking the rigorously know-nothing party line on every issue, yet not being as funny as Scott Ott or handsome as Stephen Greene. So I was, in true show-biz style, unceremoniously and insincerely dumped, and of course, no one noticed — before, during or after.

Clearly the enterprise is just a vanity project for Roger at this point, though for someone with that much vanity I cannot comprehend why he still wears that preposterous hat. I presume Glenn is kind of stuck in whatever position he’s in with the whole thing.

These guys are all good bloggers and otherwise fine net contributors to the commonweal, but the idea that someone would actually pay to watch PJM content — which I, a natural ally, can’t get myself to watch for free and probably not even for a fee — is pretty far-fetched.


It’s too bad that PJM did not work out more successfully. It seemed to distract Charles Johnson from his own high quality blogging for a long time, and then he went left on us.

I suppose it is not easy to commercialize these things. HuffPo, I must say, seems to have come up with a more attractive format.

But I think it’s still early days. The Internet is young, and the story is far from finished. Good luck with your own blogging. I’ll make a point of looking in.


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