07 Mar 2010

Sunday, March 7, 2010

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Cyber vigilantism punishes kitten killing, adultery, and a variety of other things in China these days.


Essex cockerel and hens victorious when fox invades their coop.


The LA Times finds that Italians have better political scandals.

Reporting from Rome — The governor made off to a monastery after having affairs with transsexuals, but not before the cops videotaped a tryst, all flesh and white powder, and offered to sell copies to a magazine owned by the prime minister, who, at the time, was rumored to be entangled with an underage Neapolitan model.

Then one of the transsexuals, a Brazilian named Brenda, turned up naked and dead, her laptop computer submerged under a running tap. Oh, yeah, and the drug dealer who supplied cocaine to the governor and Brenda would meet his own demise. It’s an odd coincidence.


Glenn Reynolds explains why the federal government has come to resemble Schlitz beer.


Leo Grin, at Big Hollywood has a four part essay on Werner Herzog, Timothy Treadwell, and “Grizzly Man” (2005). Pt1, Pt2, Pt3, Pt4.

Big Hollywood is promising more in-depth reviews of significant conservative films.

Multiple hat tips to Karen L. Myers.

One Feedback on "Sunday, March 7, 2010"



As I was unable to connect to some websites from France early this morning, local time, I checked Internet connections with the servers of nearly all countries.
Surprise, internet connections were possible with all servers around the world but the following:

United States;

all countries of central America including Mexico;



Northern Ireland (no problem with southern Ireland (?))

As a result severe disruptions affected important business websites in France, such as Amazon and Ebay, whose European headquarters are based in Luxemburg. Wikipedia no longer works too. Connecting to Neveryetmelted is possible but very slow. Connecting to Yahoo Mail and Google is nearly impossible. (that’s why I’m using this channel to communicate).
The list of the thus unavailable countries and website from France sounds odd to me.
The countries and servers listed above are still unavailable as I am writing this mail, 10:00am local time.


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