04 Mar 2011

Hollywood Would Love It

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From the Firearms Blog.

Things are certainly different in Switzerland. Can you imagine trying to get these federally-licensed in the USA?

The photo shows a pair of Glock pistols attached at their receivers, and set up to be fired full-auto… sideways.

Not one, but two, full-auto Glocks! (No safety, remember? Just that trigger lever.) And sideways, to boot. This has got to be the greatest firearms idea since the duck foot pistol.

Just the thing if the crew of your ship happens to take a sudden notion to mutiny, but otherwise completely useless and more than a little dangerous.

The Doppel-Glock-Pistole was produced by the Swiss arms manufacturer H.P. Sigg and featured in an article in Schweizer Waffen Magazin, in the issue of December 1997..

Someone recently sold a previous prototype using two CZ-52 chambered in 7.62 Tokarev on Egun . The bidding ended at 136,00 EUR ($18984.24)

The Glock set is comprised of more contemporary pieces, so it would probably bring more at auction, but the CZ-52s actually have safeties. They are kind of neat guns, but were crudely finished during the the Communist era.

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Wow, another person speaking out of their ass about “no-safety” glocks. Please do some research the Glocks internalized safety system is one of the best in the business, there’s a reason military, law enforcement and avid experienced shooter alike carry a Glock, the firing pin cannot be disengaged from the sear unless the trigger is fully pulled, and I know what your thinking, well what if I drop it, then AND THIS NEVER HAPPENS, if it was somehow released, the firing pin would strike a firing pin block that is a chunk of metal seated in front of the firing pins travel to the chambered round, thus a COMPLETE AND FULL trigger pull is needed to disengage all these safety mechanisms.


I know all about the Glock trigger safety, and I have fired Glocks, I just don’t consider a little lever sticking out of the front of a trigger as a real safety. A real safety prevents the gun firing even if someone unintentionally pulls on the trigger. Glocks have some virtues. Despite that long trigger pull, they absorb recoil well and are easy to shoot accurately for repeat shots. People don’t shoot themselves with Glocks all the time by dropping them. They shoot themselves by sticking a finger inside the trigger and accidentally pulling the trigger while extracting the Glock from its holster.


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