04 Apr 2012

This Guy Actually Lectured on Constitutional Law at Chicago

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Stuart Schneiderman
mercilessly rubs in what has become increasingly obvious this week: the chosen representative of our nation’s establishment elite is really an ignoramus who’d flunk basic questions from a high school Civics course.

America’s thinking class saw Barack Obama as a light shining in the wilderness.

In deep despair over the coarsening of public discourse during the Dark Ages of the Bush administration, American intellectuals saw Barack Obama as one of their own, someone who could restore their exalted social status and raise the level of deliberative democratic debate.

Obama hadn’t accomplished anything of note; he wasn’t really qualified for the presidency; but he was superbly intelligent, had presided over the Harvard Law Review, had professed Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago Law School, and had authored two brilliant books. …

A few days ago the curtain was drawn and people could see that the Wizard of Oz was not what he claimed to be.

In an effort to get personally involved in Supreme Court deliberations over his signature piece of legislation—Obamacare—our president made it appear that he did not understand the most fundamental doctrine in American jurisprudence.

The former president of the Harvard Law Review, former professor at the University of Chicago Law review managed to mangle an explanation of “judicial review.” As every high school history student knows the doctrine was adumbrated in 1803 by Chief Justice John Jay in the case of Marbury v. Madison.

Obama asserted:

Ultimately, I’m confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress.

As everyone but Obama knows, Marbury v. Madison established the right of the Supreme Court to strike down Congressional legislation that it deemed unconstitutional.

The Court has done just that on hundreds of occasions.

Read the whole thing.

Hat tip to Karen L. Myers.

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I don’t think he’s ignorant at all. Like most liberals, he simply sees the Constitution and other constraints (like public opinion on Obamacare or national debt) as subordinate to his vision of transforming the country into the Utopian place it ought to be. His is the Humpty-Dumpty approach to Constitutional law: “The Constitution means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.”


His comments cannot be explained as ignorance. There is simply no way he could be that uninformed about basic constitutional law and jurisprudence. I agree with those who believe that this comment is sheer populist demogoguery, meant to whip up the anger of his base when the Supreme Court strikes down the PPAHCA, or whatever the acronym for the Obamacare act is. He knows that the mainstream media is not going to call him on this or any other outrageous lie and if Fox does, well, that’s to be expected from the radical right, isn’t it? This is getting uglier all the time, I have never seen any politician much less a president with this much arrogance and sheer gall and will. He doesn’t care if the country burns down around him, in fact I think he’s getting ready to strike the match. I put absolutely nothing past his regime including massive election fraud. Questions have already been raised again about his email fundraising possibly violating federal election laws on a massive scale by accepting millions in bogus anonymous small contributions. They will stop at nothing and the Republicans will again take a marshmallow to a hatchet fight and the Wednesday after the election will be standing around looking bewildered about how in the world The One managed to win forty states. May God help us, I think He alone can.


Really makes you wonder about the quality of instruction at University of Chicago.


Obama has been mentored to get to where he is today. He lectured at the university in Chicago as part of the positioning to make him eligible for office or power. He was always a Manchurian candidate. I am sure that his rise to the presidency exceeded any hopes his mentors had but he was always being prepared to fill some office where his power could be exploited for the far left goals.
What saddens me most is not that he made it to the presidency but that so many in the media and our political system made that happen. Our free press is complicit in this fruad perpertrated on the American people. Today a poll between Romney and Obama would give Obama a slight edge. How could that be? After three years of what is charitably called a severe recession but what is most certainly a depression how could 51% of voters even consider that Obama would be a good choice for president??? The claims of slight improvements in unemployment are pure fraudulent manipulation of the numbers, The stock market rise is more the result of poor investment opportunities worldwide and incredibly low interest rates not to mention a healthy influx of subsidy and printing press money by the government. The stock market will surely adjust to reflect the reality it is just a question of when and how much. The fed has a strong incentive to push this whole fiction past the election but even if they are successful in kicking the can down the road no one really believes they can fix this with more borrowing, printing and spending.

Obama is a fraud, he isn’t just incompetent he was put into office to create enough of a disaster that the American people would accept and even embrace a socialist agenda. The constitution won’t be amended or changed it will be ignored and the Supreme Courty will be stacked with socialist judges who will continue to ingnore the constitution until it becomes a meaningless relic of history. The simple fact that 51% of our citizens would still vote for Obama tells you all you need to know…


BO being a Manchurian candidate has rattled around my head for some time also. Thanks, Gone With the Wind, for a well written recitation, that enunciates clearly what many of us feel.

No Man

If there is are large enough numbers of losers to re-elect him, it’s way past time to emigrate.


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