25 Aug 2012

“Bob Is a Racist”

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Hat tip to Clarice Feldman (FB).

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cindy ryan

sad but true….


This whole thing is right out of Carl Marx. The left has gone completely socialist, working toward totalitarian end game.. Each one thinks he’ll be in charge to some degree.


And then liberals will wonder why the number of people who SAY they will vote for Obama is much higher than the number that actually do.

Steve Bodio

In my state, rich white people from Santa Fe (often colonists from California who have lived here two years) sound just like this, not realizing they are caricatures. They accuse Republicans and other indigenous groups, like cowboys and ranchers, of being racists for having opinions that might have sounded enlightened a generation ago.

Meanwhile, small- c conservative Hispanics (Old New Mexicans, whose roots go back to the 17th century, not newcomers) look askance at illegal immigration, distrust Mexico, encourage their kids to go into the military, support the Second Amendment, and dislike Obama. Which drives the first group to incoherent babbling.

I know which ones I like better. Only my fellow gringo immigrants think I am RACIST.

Which is funny as hell- but being accused of racism is not.


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