27 Nov 2012

Job Creation, the Democrat Approach

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Frank J. Fleming, in the New York Post, explains the thinking of our Rand-villain democrat opponents.

The US unemployment rate has been pretty lousy for a while. Luckily, no one blames President Obama for this, as the recent election showed. And why should they? The government has done everything right: It enacted a huge stimulus, built infrastructure, passed ObamaCare to make sure employees are healthy and it supplied businesses with millions and millions of people just standing around waiting for work.

So if the government has done its part, and there still aren’t enough jobs, then who should we blame? Obviously, it’s the fault of those lazy, good-for-nothing businesses and job creators. …

[W]e can’t let the prospect of job losses keep us from going after businesses owners where it hurts them the most: their companies.

And that’s the tough line the government needs to take with job creators: You will spit out those jobs we demand — and good ones with health-care benefits! — or we will destroy you and your businesses.

Raising their taxes by repealing the Bush tax cuts is just the start. We need even more taxes and punishing regulations. We need to treat these people like the scum they are, and if they don’t want to watch their companies burn, they’ll yield and finally expand their businesses and create more jobs — and not make any more profit or get richer when they do that, because we find that highly annoying.

We’ve had enough of your sickening greed, business owners, so give us everything we want, and give it to us now.

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The beating will continue until morale improves.

John Visser

This cartoon, and many others you’ve posted, are of insufficient resolution to easily read, or to read at all. I couldn’t make out the text on the shack on your page. When I clicked and was brought to just the image (jpg), the resolution was still too low to read the text, even when enlarged.

Please post cartoons in higher resolution!


The format of my blog precludes larger images. I don’t always have a larger original to link to either. In this case, I finally located one, click again for a larger image.


The problem is Democrats can’t comprehend this bit of dialogue from the movie ‘McLintock’. The Dems believe someone should be given a job just because. Could be that’s all they understand since someone give them a “job” when they are good party members. They especially have trouble with the concept that every mandate they impose cuts into that fair day’s wage old fashioned employees traded their efforts for.

“Devlin Warren: I don’t know what to say. Never begged before. Turned my stomach. I suppose I should have been grateful that you gave me the job.

“George Washington McLintock: Gave? Boy, you’ve got it all wrong. I don’t give jobs I hire men.

“Drago: You intend to give this man a full day’s work, don’tcha boy?

“Devlin Warren: You mean you’re still hirin’ me? Well, yes, sir, I certainly deliver a fair day’s work.

“George Washington McLintock: And for that I’ll pay you a fair day’s wage. You won’t give me anything and I won’t give you anything. We both hold up our heads. Is that your plug?

“Devlin Warren: Yes sir.

“George Washington McLintock: Well, hop on him and we’ll go get your gear. “


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