26 Jan 2013

David Mamet Debunks Gun Control

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According to US Dept of Health and Human Services
There are roughly 700,000 employed physicians in the U.S
There are roughly 120,000 accidental deaths caused by physician per year
That means there are roughly 0.171 accidental deaths per physician per year

According to the FBI
There are roughly 80, 000, 000 gun owners in the U.S
There are roughly 30,000 gun-related deaths (accidental/non-accidental) per year
That means there are roughly 0.000375 deaths per gun owner per year

David Mamet
takes on Gun Control in Newsweek no less:

The Left loves a phantom statistic that a firearm in the hands of a citizen is X times more likely to cause accidental damage than to be used in the prevention of crime, but what is there about criminals that ensures that their gun use is accident-free? If, indeed, a firearm were more dangerous to its possessors than to potential aggressors, would it not make sense for the government to arm all criminals, and let them accidentally shoot themselves?

Read the whole thing.

2 Feedbacks on "David Mamet Debunks Gun Control"


There are also more than 10,000 DUI deaths every year in the US. Maybe we should ban alcohol so that drivers would not have a bottle nearby to tempt them. Oh wait, we already tried that, didn’t we? Oh well, I’m sure a ban on guns will be MUCH more effective and less costly to enforce. I just know it.

Luther Poach

I should preface this by saying I’m not necessarily an advocate of gun control, but Media Matters has destroyed Mamet’s case. I’m surprised that Mamet got so many of his facts wrong, especially considering the high profile of his piece.


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