15 Nov 2013

Metaphor of the Day

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The Obamacare disaster has commentators this morning casting around for new metaphors. The Titanic, The Hindenburg, the Challenger… have all been used.

So far, Tom Maguire’s commenters are winning by hitting on the image juste for the always-histrionic, but now sooo futile Nancy Pelosi: Norma Desmond from “Sunset Boulevard” (1950).


Hat tip to Clarice Feldman.

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This was a Democrat trap or dirty trick. They made this walk intentionally in front of a large gathering of Tea Party people in the hopes they could push them into saying or doing something they could use to tarnish them. It didn’t work! So they slunk back through the underground passage to the other building and made the walk again. This time too it didn’t work but the more experienced victomoligist in the group detected some “spittle” from the mouth of a tea party person from 10 feet away so he walked over to get in his face about it. Then the magic occurred and his cat-like hearing picked up the N word not once, not twice but numerous times from the Tea Party crowd. They had their “incident”. Of course the dozen or so cameras and microphones never picked it up. Somehow that magic “N” word that would have made all Tea Party people rabid racist never seemed to happen. Did that congressman lie? Had he lied before? Wasn’t his whole life and reputation a lie?

After that the Democrats got so much smarter. If the Tea Party refused to be goaded into being racist they would plant some of their operatives in Tea Party gatherings who would shout out that magic word when they were sure a microphone would pick it up so it would be on every news show. Then Juan Williams could claim every night that the Tea Party was racist. The Democrats, party of the KKK, slavery and lynching still using racism for fun and profit.

Lux Libertas – Light and Liberty » ‘Racist’ President Says Now You can Keep Your ‘Substandard Insurance’

[…] right-hand gal, the party’s own Norma Desmond, Nancy Pelosi, about whom Joshua Sharf says: “I *am* big. It’s my caucus that got […]

‘Racist’ President Says Now You can Keep Your ‘Substandard Insurance’ | Insurance News Depot

[…] right-hand gal, the party’s own Norma Desmond, Nancy Pelosi, about whom Joshua Sharf says: “I *am* big. It’s my caucus that got […]

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Most voters say Romney’s personal wealth – estimated by the candidate to be at least $190 million – and his experience as the head of the private equity firm Bain Capital will not impact their vote. Seventy-three percent say Romney’s wealth will make no difference to their vote, while 60 percent say his Bain experience will not impact their vote.

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