17 Jun 2014

“I Have a Friend Who Used to Call Soccer “Fag Ball”

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(Me, I still do.)

Thezman celebrates the World Cup with a good anti-soccer (aka Fag Ball) rant.

What turns me off of soccer is the cultural angle. When I was a boy, our betters were trying to force soccer and the metric system on us. The people doing it were all dickheads. Not a single one was anything but a loathsome snob. Worse yet, all of them were the children of working class people who knew better. But, Johnny and Betty went off to the state college and came back thinking they were better than everyone else.

Over time, those people have remained with us. When I think of soccer, I think of those smug assholes of my youth. I’ve probably heard “it is the most popular sport in the world” a million times in my life. That is the sort of thing stupid say when they want to sound sophisticated. In most of the world, soccer is the sport of the lower classes. That means out bourgeois bohemians are aping the mores of chavs. Good job.

Read the whole thing.

Via Vanderleun.

What I despise about soccer is the way suburban bouzhy parents promoted this sissy European game in preference to Walter Camp’s All American football, motivated a) by cowardice and fear that their precious little urchins might get injured and b) by a snobbish rejection of ordinary down home American culture in favor of a supposedly more chic and sophisticated recreation esteemed in other countries.

One Feedback on "“I Have a Friend Who Used to Call Soccer “Fag Ball”"


Baseball and football are distinctly American sports, thus unappealing to the America Last crowd, who feel utterly embarrassed having to stand for “God Bless America” in the 7th inning.


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