26 Oct 2014

The Wisdom of Hillary Clinton

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Appearing on Friday at a Boston rally in support of behind-9-points-in-the polls Democrat gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley at the Park Plaza Hotel, Hillary Clinton dismissed the idea that businesses create jobs. I guess Hillary must simply be projecting her family’s life experience, that all wealth is derived from politics, onto universal reality.

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Steve Wilson

History’s ultimate courtesan. Everything she has “accomplished” is due to having flat backed for Bill Clinton. She makes Nell Gwynn and Madame DuBarry and countless others looks like amateurs. One suspects, they at least were good at what they did. Hillary has ridden Bill Clinton to the top and all the while she has been a humorless, remorseless scold.

She has been a mediocrity or downright failure with everything entrusted to her. Absent having married Clinton I wonder if she would have the charisma to be elected Country Commissioner in even the most Democratic Counties of West Virginia.

Never has anyone who accomplished so little gone so far with no justification whatsoever. Whether this speech was boob bait for the redistributionists or truthfully her vision of where prosperity comes from is of little importance; to believe is proof of living in an alternate reality, to say it without believing it is proof of a cynicism so deep as to be evil.

Ultimately, of course, Hillary did pay a significant price; public humiliation for decades, and now, since she can’t get back at Bill she would like for the rest of us to pay for the screwing over he gave her.

Why couldn’t Bill have happened onto an attractive, intelligent, pleasant, and loving woman rather than this vengeful, ideological harridan; he surely had his chances.


She is absolutely soulless and without scruple, but as president she will be given a pass on whatever she does. Imagine what Nixon would have gotten away with in the absence of an adversarial news media, and you can begin to imagine what will happen to this country under the tender mercies of Mrs. Clinton.

Jerry the Geek

“Madame DuBarry”?

Think, rather “Madame Defarge … with an attitude.

Except, of course, that she is one of the Aristocrats. She is still knitting from the skein of partisan politics as she dreams of revenge.


I seriously hope that someone asks Mrs. Clinton how jobs ARE created then. The simple economic fact is that the ONLY way you can create a job is by doing something that adds enough economic value to justify that additional job. If businesses don’t add that value, who does? It can’t be government because government can only do things by SUBTRACTING resources from other uses and re-purposing them. You can make labor more productive, but that requires capital expenditures – – – from where, Mrs. Clinton?


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