25 Dec 2014

Some People Hate Christmas

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Latham Hunter

Latham Hunter (No, she’s not kidding) hates Christmas because Christmas is all about the patriarchy.

Pity the poor mother who wants to enjoy the holiday season and pass along the delight and warmth of various yuletide traditions but who doesn’t particularly want to put the Christ back in Christmas, as it were, or reinforce the notion that men are the foundation of the most important things in the world, like school vacations and presents.

It’s impossible to “do” Christmas without running into one patriarchal construct after another. Aside from singing the praises of a man who rules over everything (there really are the most gorgeous choral renditions out there), even the secular Christmas songs are ubiquitous in their praise of male characters: “Frosty the Snowman,” “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” and of course, Santa Claus. Santa Claus, a white male who, by the way, gets all the credit for labour overwhelmingly done by women (I’m picturing my friend Kathleen, for example, describing her Plan A and Plan B for getting Minecraft Lego in her hands by Christmas Eve, hoping like hell that one plan works out, wondering if she should instigate a Plan C).

The holiday feminist challenge extends to every Christmas category. Sure, I have fond memories of watching movies of the season with my brother and my mother but now? Now I realize that Maria from “The Sound of Music” finds her true calling as a nurturing caregiver and ends up responsible for a man’s emotional rehabilitation.

Similarly, “White Christmas” resolves with the Hanes sisters teaching Bob and Phil that what they need is the love of a good woman to be happy — enough already with the emptiness of workaholism and playing the field! On its own, this might not be so problematic, but when you run into the same thing in myriad other classics, you wonder if it’s possible for kids to grow up NOT believing that girls should be men’s emotional handmaidens.

Read the whole thing (and laugh).

From Glenn Reynolds via Clarice Feldman.

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This is right up there with the woman who refused to take HIStory because it was mostly about men’s accomplishments. This woman will be miserable her entire life — and blame it on men.

T. Shaw

Some people cannot understand normal things.


It’s more then that. People like this badly need attention. So much so that they will say and do foolish things just to get attention. Attack the most important, most sacred things in life and you get attention. Combine that with a “cause” and they feel like Joan of Arc. They were born miserable and in their mid this activism is the cure. If she were very pretty and/or very shapely she would strip down for attention. Whatever it takes she will do. If you want to see her wither away, ignore her.

Thomas S

This is Marxism coming out sideways. A cheap dialectical and rhetorical trick that simply attacks any existing relationship as power based and corrupt. Keep in mind Marx defined peace as the absence of opposition to Socialism. A child can understand Marxism and identify things that are non-marxist. How comforting it must be to be so effortlessly superior and in this woman’s case well paid to boot for the ridiculous cant.


What a miserable way to waste one’s life.

Muay thai fighter


Never Yet Melted


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