11 Jan 2015

France Rounds up 900 Islamic Terror Suspects

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Our friends at Mossad’s mouthpiece, DEBKAfile, report:

In the three days since the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris, the French authorities have rounded up 900 individuals across France on suspicion of involvement in Islamic terror. The detentions on an unprecedented scale for France continues.

“If there was a distinctive modern style in torture, it was French modern: the field telephone magneto adapted with alligator clips, usually conjoined with water torture…”

Torture and Democracy.

The security forces of the French Republic have been historically unconstrained by the kind of sentimental humanitarianism which has so conspicuously afflicted counter-terrorist interrogation efforts by US Intelligence. The French have traditionally wired up the interrogation subject to a field telephone and happily turned the crank until he talked.

One wonder if they have 900 field phones available these days.

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There is “torture” and then there is “TORTURE”. If you arrest someone and in the process of giving them a trial it requires the defendant to sell their home, use all their savings and borrow money for their defense. They lose their job, their friends and often their spouse. Then they are found guilty and spend years in a miserable jail where because they aren’t a tough criminal they are preyed upon by the tough criminals. Often raped, beaten and and in some cases killed. But this isn’t torture!! Fail to pay your taxes and your government will do this to you but it isn’t torture!

On the other hand you can plan, organize and finance the flying of two airplanes into the WTC and when they finaly capture you they water board you. Water boarding, something considered torture that has been done to over 10,000 of our military as part of their training and to a dozen or so news reporters on national TV just to improve their ratings. They did this to the WTC 9/11 mastermind for the sole purpose of preventing future terrorist actions and to save lives and that IS torture! So who gets to define or really knows what is torture or fair punishment and what is not? Is the taking of everything you own and placing you in a terrible prison system by the government simply because you failed to pay your taxes torture? Terrorism? Or is it fair and appropriate? Is making a terrorists temporarily uncomfortable for a few minutes to force them to give up their terrorists plots torture or is it fair and appropriate?

jack gott

Je suis Charlie MARTEL !


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