14 Jul 2015

Two Harvard Law Classmates Met Recently in Court


Aldred Postell today

Alfred Postell, a homeless man who graduated in the same Harvard Law School Class as John Roberts, was recently arraigned before another classmate in Washington, D.C. charged with “illegal entry” for hanging around the Brawner Building at 17th and I.

Washington Post story

The summer before I entered Yale, I was working construction in Westchester County, New York. We were putting in new bathrooms one week in the Scarsdale High School, and I sat at lunch break one day reading the most recent Scarsdale Yearbook, looking up which guys were going to be my future classmates.

There were, from this one school, about a dozen guys admitted to Yale. I eventually met and got to know one of them. He was short and intense, and he was also troubled. I met him again later at some early class reunions. He had bounced from job to job, and was well on his way to advanced alcoholism. He died, decades ago, extraordinarily young of a sudden heart attack.

There are always people like the unfortunate Mr. Postell in every elite school’s classes.

Reading his sad story, I did rather wonder if Alfred Postell, instead of John Roberts, had been deciding the fate of Obamacare, would we have gotten an honest verdict?


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