19 Feb 2016

Rogue Candidates, 1968 Edition

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Trump candidacy predicted by Gilbert Shelton in 1967.

P.J. (in 2016) sends a letter to Pat (in 1968) instructing him how to save America from the disaster looming in the former’s time.

You can get next to these people.

The awful Republican is named Don Trump. He’s a senior at Penn.

The awful Democrat is named Hillary (two l’s) Rodham. She’s a junior at Wellesley—exactly the same age as us.

It’s possible we know Hillary already. She went to Maine East High in Park Ridge outside Chicago, right up Harlem Avenue from Oak Park where we went to high school. She was in a Methodist Youth Group. We were in a Methodist Youth Group. We may have dated her. And erased the memory.

So I have a plan. I’ve enclosed money. (No, you didn’t get rich. A buck is only worth 15 cents in 2016.)

This Don Trump is the easy part. Skip some classes. I seem to recall you’re ahead of me on that part of the plan. But (I checked our transcript) your grades are shit this semester no matter what. Fly Youth Fare standby to Philadelphia.

Trump is the campus loud mouth New Yorker. You won’t have trouble finding him. Tell him you’re part of a commune that wants to pay too much rent for a crappy place in a bad part of town.

He’ll be glad to have coffee or a mu tea or whatever with you. (You’ll have to pay.) Slip the STP in his java. He’ll freak. He’s on the verge anyway. The cat’s been a space case since birth. Skip town before he starts peaking.

Way to go!

I just checked the mental hospitals in New York. A “Donald Trump Jr.” has been an in-patient in the psychiatric ward at Bellevue since January 1968. Good karma, man.

Getting rid of Hillary Rodham is more complicated.

Read the whole thing.

One Feedback on "Rogue Candidates, 1968 Edition"


Trump’s candidacy is not so difficult to understand and yet the GOPe and most pundits seem not to understand it. America today is not the same as it was 50 years ago and most people believe all of the changes are for the worse. We have a very large segment of the population on welfare and it seems unlikely that any of our policies or plans will ever change that except to increase that percentage. We have far too many illegal aliens who cost the tax payers as much or more than the welfare underclass does. As that pool of working class shrinks our wealthy class are moving manufacturing jobs overseas and filling IT jobs in the states with people from overseas. Our federal bureaucracies have become more powerful and repressive and our congress more power hungry and distant from the citizens. Our economy is in the dumper and all the printing and borrowing of money hasn’t reversed that trend. It appears to the thinking person that the rats are abandoning the ship and all we see right now is that the rats are looting the ship as a last act of desperation before it sinks. There is a large percentage of the public who resent higher taxes to pay for the permanent underclass and resent the economic mess our leaders have created. There is a uprising or revolution or reset coming and Trump’s popularity is a cogent last ditch effort to wake up the ruling class to reverse this suicidal tangent we embarked on some 50 years ago. Restore the constitution, eliminate about half of the federal departments and 2/3rds of the federal budget. Eliminate the overly generous welfare system and replace it with minimal aid, just enough to prevent death from starvation and encourage work and some personal effort to survive.

Sadly I don’t see the elected and appointed leaders or the other elite listening so there will be consequences. One way or another we need to reverse our trajectory and Trump is the ‘peaceful’ attempt to do that.

Having said that I do expect that the GOPe will in their convention pick one of the establishment losers as our candidate and of course the two Dem candidates are even worse, so I’m afraid this ship will indeed sink and all souls will be lost (except those politicians and billionaires who have conveniently acquired dual citizenship and will ride out the storm in Ireland or Switzerland, etc.).


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