19 Apr 2016

Give it to Trump, Good and Hard

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Canadian Cincinnatus, at Ricochet, quotes Marion Evans:

    One way to deal with gadflies, rogues and bullies is to give them exactly what they want on the theory that they will eventually do themselves in. Since his Colorado debacle, Donald Trump has been arguing that the delegate attribution should reflect the percentage earned by each candidate in each primary/caucus. But under these new “Trump rules,” his total delegate count today would be 564 (table below), well below his official current total of 755.”

[and he observes himself:]

The simple truth is that Trump is in over his head. He lost Colorado because his team failed to show up. Tens of thousands of people showed up and voted in the caucuses … just not for him because his campaign was AWOL. In contrast, Cruz has set up dedicated campaign teams in every state, in some cases, for years, and continues to operate them after the primaries are over in order to snag the actual delegates. This is called playing by the rules.

Until recently, this part of the game eluded Trump’s attention because nobody else was paying attention to it either. There hasn’t been a brokered convention in decades. But Cruz paid attention, and began working on this before anybody thought a brokered convention was likely That says a lot about Cruz’s perspicacity and thoroughness… as well, as Trump’s. These qualities are supremely relevant to the job of president.

I think Trump entered the presidential race on a self-promotional lark and — to his great surprise — found himself winning, mostly because he accidentally tapped into underlying issues such as political correctness and immigration. When he first adopted them, I don’t think he had any clue about their potency.

He is like the dog that caught the car he was chasing; he doesn’t know what to do next.

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Trump’s ego will not allow him to run in an election he would lose in a landslide. Even HE would have a hard time whining that the establishment rigged the electoral college against him (and then there will be that nasty popular vote total). What he is most likely doing is figuring out the way to lose the nomination that gives him the maximum personal gain. That would appear to be the “Trump Supporters Stay Home” scenario. If that were to enable a Hillary presidency, he would be able to spend the rest of his life (falsely) claiming that he would have won the election. Harold Stassen always claimed that if the GOP had nominated him in 1948 (rather than Tom Dewey, who got fewer primary votes), he would have beaten Truman. In his case, he ran in five more presidential cycles to massage his ego. At least Trump won’t be able to do that at his age.


The establishment is worried and this blog, normally so long term or historic in its vision, proves the point.


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