11 Jun 2016

Homeowner’s Correspondence With Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

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From Matthew Johnson on Facebook:



(Apologies for the hard-to-read images. They won’t enlarge or sharpen better. Facebook images are small.)

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I couldn’t read it all, had to squint, but read enough to get the gist of it. Pretty funny. It points to the problem(s) of regulations thought up by unelected bureaucrats AND to the arbitrary fines these same bureaucrats have the ability too levy.

I oppose fines period. But I would especially oppose fines levied by hired help. IMHO if a “law” is broken there MUST be a legitimate judicial process with an opportunity for the accused to confront the accusers and to see and refute the evidence as well as present their own case. If the judicial system finds that the accused is guilty I would accept a wide range of potential punishments but even in this event I think a monetary fine is improper. The simple fact is government can never divorce itself from the conflict of interest associated with making the citizen pay them for something that they get to determine is wrong AND determine that the citizen is guilty. As soon as money enters into the judicial system justice and fairness exit.


That is beautiful. It would be even funnier if the government called their bluff!


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