29 Jul 2016

An Allegedly Tepid Trumpkin Explains

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Five Feet of Fury‘s Kathy Shaidle, at Takimag, attempts to explain, and justify, the twisted motivations of someone willing to support Donald Trump.

I don’t like Donald Trump on the First Amendment, don’t trust him on the Second, and positively loathe him on eminent domain. I covered that here at Taki’s in October 2012, when I was also still pissed at Trump for firing Adam Carolla on The Apprentice.

Trump says creepy crap about his daughter.

He’s vowed to bring manufacturing back to America just as corrupt, collectivist labor unions were finally in hospice; I grew up in a steel town, in the ’70s—I dread spending what’s left of my life hearing “Take This Job and Shove It” on an endless loop once millions of Americans suddenly remember why they hated that type of work in the first place. (With the added “bonus” of having to pay more for—or go without—all the stuff they used to buy so cheaply at Costco and Walmart, presuming they stay in business.)

I’m afraid he’ll turn the Map Room into the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles.

But if Donald Trump wins the presidency in November, I will literally fall to my knees and weep with relief.

I’m not proud of that. I hate feeling propelled, rather like a cat in heat, by a toxic cocktail of shallow novelty-seeking and primitive tribalism. As a conscientious, civic-minded reason to cheer a presidential wannabe, “He annoys all the right people” ranks somewhere between “It’s just time for a change” and “This’ll teach the bastards a lesson.” I know.

But 15 years after September 11—and however long it’s been since O.J., and since “global warming” became a “thing”—I just can’t cope. And drinking’s not an option.

I thought we were going to nuke Afghanistan, not build schools for inbred pedophiles with no written language—or worse, let them and their ilk into the country. I agree with Derb that “the most amazing, astounding, astonishing statistic of the 21st century is that the annual rate of Muslim immigration into the U.S.A. increased after 9/11.”

Meanwhile, millions of low-IQ Mexicans stream across your southern border, bringing their well-documented attitudes about rape, animal cruelty, drunk driving, and litter. (Can you people really not mow your own lawns or build your own decks? A serious question for another time…)

Now, switching from grapes to cotton: I figured that after Americans got electing their first black president out of their systems, they’d return to their senses—not hand the fool a second term.

The political correctness my anarchist pals and I wrote off in the late ’80s as an irritating passing fad on a par with Cabbage Patch Dolls has become, along with certain varieties of mental illness, enshrined in public policy and entrenched in quotidian intercourse.

It’s 1968 with (even) crappier music. I want it over.

Read the whole thing.

Apparently, the desire to pull down the pillars of the Temple and let the roof fall on those annoying holier-than-thou liberals is sufficient motivation to cause some people to depart from reality and to become ready to vote for the presidency of an unqualified clown whose only real area of agreement with genuine conservatives is a yen to give an upraised finger to political correctness. If you are sane, it’s not enough.

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IMHO the Democrats will steal the election. Hillary will win. All the never Trumpers who fear him on the 1st and 2nd amendment can breathe easy because he will lose in 4 or 5 of the critical swing states. The Democrats have registered enough dead people and felons to win. Hillary will appoint three Supremes that will make Ruth Ginsburg look centrist. So breathe easy.


“Gone with the wind”, I think you are right. I quite agree with the post – but I think also that, since the Republicans blew it and the choice is T. or H., you have to go for the lesser evil.


Shaidle, along with McInnes and some of the others at TakiMag sometimes take it a touch farther than I can stomach but they are nevertheless invaluable for their brilliantly gritty demolition of all things PC. I read this article when it first came out and agree with it for the most part. It makes a good deal more sense to me than NeverTrumpism which it has to be conceded finally amounts to “I’m With Her.” I have not, nor do I intend to read the Ilana Mercer book that seems to be so persuasive to Shaidle. Having begun by thinking I would simply sit this election out, I have ended by analyzing simply the facts that are known and documented about each of these candidates. Not personality quirks, likeability, conspiracy theories, rumors and so on, just what is factually known. That analysis leads me to pick Trump in this election. I am not happy about it, and my reason for it is different from Shaidle’s grudging acceptance of Trump as a “catalyst for change,” but sanity propels me to choose someone other than a proven inveterate pathological leftist liar whose resume includes dithering until an American ambassador and three others were murdered, ignoring simple basic safety requirements for protecting national secrets because her political interests would be damaged, and misreading the Libyan situation so tragically. She is not Bill, and her ego will not permit her to make her administration Bill’s third and fourth term as some seem to foolishly believe. It is altogether possible as GWTW commented above the Democrats will steal the election; they’ve had some practice at it. I won’t help them.


Better to jump into the briar patch than be hit by a train.
In the Service, you must always strive to chose the lessor of two weevils.


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