29 Jul 2016

Want to Bet?

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The Hill:

Trump: Republicans ‘have no choice’ but to vote for me.

Donald Trump said Thursday that Republicans wary of his campaign have little choice but to vote for him anyway.

“If you really like Donald Trump, that’s great, but if you don’t, you have to vote for me anyway. You know why? Supreme Court judges, Supreme Court judges,” Trump said at a rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

“Have no choice, sorry, sorry, sorry. You have no choice,” Trump continued, calling the late Justice Antonin Scalia a “great guy” and acknowledging tied decisions at the Supreme Court after his death.

In the first place, I do not believe that Donald Trump has any real conservative convictions, and I don’t believe his promises are worth any more than his payment agreements with local New Jersey contractors. Once he’s in office, he can do anything he pleases, and what Trump will do is whatever he thinks is good for Trump.

Supreme Court seats are also not the be all and end all of everything. We had a majority of Republican appointees and Chief Justice Roberts changed his vote once and saved Obamacare twice.

The fact is Donald Trump is not only unqualified to be president, insofar as he has any positions, his positions (Nativism, Protectionism, Isolationism) constitute reprehensible and long-refuted debris from the rubbish-pile of American political history. Know-Nothing-ism Redivivus has nothing to do with Conservatism or the traditional positions of the Republican Party.

Trump is a repulsive personality. He is vulgar and a bully, and he gives constant evidence of being afflicted with a very serious personality disorder. Faced with criticism or opposition, he behaves like an ill-mannered 8-year-old rather than a serious adult. My own opinion is that there is something really wrong with the judgement of anyone who would promote the contemporary equivalent of Caligula to the chief magistracy of the Republic.

I’m afraid that Hillary Clinton is not an acceptable alternative. Hillary is a crook and a cynical democrat demagogue allied with the radical left. She, too, has some kind of disordered personality, and a record of bad judgement.

The fact is we are simply screwed this year. There is no major party choice to vote for. It’s happened before. The first presidential election I was eligible to vote, the personally-repulsive, China-recognizing, EPA-creating, non-conservative Richard Nixon was running against George McGovern who was representing the Anti-Vietnam War socialist radical left. I voted tongue-in-cheek for John Schmidtz, a Bircher congressman who talked about the Illumati Conspiracy.

We are going to have a bad four years however this comes out. I’ll grant you that there is a certain charm to the idea of electing Trump. Putting Trump in the White House would be a lot like stuffing a disgruntled water snake into a thoroughly-disliked high school Biology teacher’s desk drawer. But this is our country we’re talking about, not high school. Human lives, the fate of the free world, and the Constitution are at stake. We’re probably better off really if (ugh!) Hillary wins. That way, we take our lumps for another four years, and elect a qualified genuine conservative in 2020 after Hillary makes a major mess and the chickens really come home to roost. But I will not be voting for her either.

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Do you think Americans have the right to control who enters the country?
Do you think non-citizens, including illegal aliens should have the right to vote?
Should illegal aliens be granted citizenship?
If Hillary Clinton is elected those policies will fall to the globalist agenda. Her Supreme Court nominees will continue to move in that direction.
Hillary may only be elected for one term, but the Supreme Court justices she selects will shape the country for the decades.
It is my opinion the country will be unrecognizable.
Can you believe the Donald Trump will pick from the selection he announced? I think so. I’m willing to accept the premise they will will more center than Hillary Clinton’s.
She all but said she’s a democratic socialist in her acceptance speech. No wait. She did say that.


Is Donald Trump more likely to protect and defend the Second Amendment?

We know what Hillary’s position is.

I think you’re downplaying the effect the court has in affecting policy in the US at this point.


What we’re seeing with Donald Trump is Alinsky being used to oppose the left.
It’s not a pretty sight.
The option is fight ‘fair’ and lose or use their tactics against them.
You think that Trumps vulgarity is worse than Obama’s deceptive and strawman/red herring arguments?
I would suggest Obama has been more destructive than Trump will ever be.


Pure gold. After all that you end by implying hope for America after we have seen the wreckage of a HRC presidency. I’m telling ya, that’s pure gold. We have seen the wreckage of 8 years of Odummy. How much more carnage do we need to see?

And you being slightly older than me, I suppose you are more acquainted with the 40 years of Clinton corruption.


Do you want to see property rights continue to disappear down the rat hole of the socialist agenda?
Remember you ‘didn’t build that.’

The courts continue to erode those rights. What chance will Hillary’s nominees recognize and protect private property rights?

You can kiss them goodbye.


Which candidate is more likely to lead us into another war?
The one you describe as isolationist or the one who decimated Libya to show her bona fides as a hawk.

Steve Gregg

If you vote Libertarian, you will not need to take a shower coming home from the polls.

Jim O'Neil

I’m sorry but 4 years of Hillary on top of 8 years of Obama and there will be no America.

I’m voting for Trump and for the good of the country I ask that you reconsider your position.

In support of my request that you reconsider, let me remind you that a Trump presidency will be watched closely by both sides and any action beyond the constitutional limits placed on the office will be quickly curtailed.

On the other hand Hillary will have a free pass, protected by both houses, the courts and the mainstream media to rule with no regard for the constitution, the law or the good of the country.

Jack Reacher

Lives will be safer with Hillary? What on earth are you smoking/drinking.

You must be officed in a high rise, away from normal people. Out of the fray.

Safe, like the Benghazi boys, yeah, you keep thinking that.

You will be just as guilty as she when people die.

Seattle Sam

Another four years of Obama/Clnton and there really won’t be much left for a “genuine qualified conservative” to manage in 2021. Jesse Ventura was a laughing stock as governor, but Minnesota managed to survive the actual damage. And Jesse was succeeded by Tim Pawlenty. I’d argue that Mark Dayton, the current governor, is a bigger threat than Jesse posed.

Nope, nope, that shit don’t work no more. | The Ultimate Answer to Kings

[…] from JDZ: Trump: Republicans ‘have no choice’ but to vote for […]


I’m “wage scarred” thanks to the economy of the past eight years. I’m fencing off totally penury, but barely. I’m in my mid fifties. Another for years of this, I’ll be destitute, completely unable to find a job except as Walmart greeter. Maybe. (I used to be low to mid-management as a construction project manager, working my way up. Now I have a crappy drafting job.)

Will it be better with Trump? I don’t know, but I’ll gamble on the possibility of improvement with him over the assurance of status quo were have with Hillary.

I’m with Jack Reacher above: Please reconsider.

Victor Narbut Lea


You have intellectualized the candidates and history. That is what commentators and historians do, some better than others. I also suspect that you are now in a position in life to sit back, analyze and not be terribly affected if at all be the triumph of either of these candidates. Much like that fool Kimball Carson. I sit in a different position than you as do scores of others

This election represents a cross roads. The maniacal left lean will be emboldened and this country will be lost absent a catastrophe under the left leadership if this crook Clinton wins. No patriot or sane person wants that especially if you are still raising children and have legacies as I do.

Trump is the only answer. You may protest but your party put Obama in office for eight years.



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