30 Jul 2016

Voting For Neither

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Jack Reacher

4 million conservative Christians “didn’t vote for either” in 2012.

Results are seen.

Seattle Sam

If soft drinks were a winner-take-all category, you would be.


If I vote for Ross Perot am I supporting Bush or Clinton? But we know the answer to that don’t we? How about a simple change to election law where the president elect must get a majority of all the votes cast to win. Then there would be no harm (well, little harm) in people voting ‘against’ the two people who have a chance of winning.

The problem is simple: The Democrats have created a a constituency of groups and special interests who are promised free stuff and/or legislation that favors them. This gives the Democrats a solid 42% of the voters (maybe 45% it keeps growing) who will vote for them if the devil himself is the candidate. This election is the closest ever to actually splitting that Democrat vote but Bernie was paid off to kiss the devil’s ass and he will not run as a socialist much to his followers chagrin. Any third party candidate will ONLY dilute the Republican vote and insure that a Democrat wins. Simple as that.

I would rather have Bill Clinton for 8 more years than have Hillary for four.


Pepsi. Dr. Pepper is a Pepsi product.

Old Salt

What if I drink Mr. Pibb?


Actually, Dr. Pepper is owned by Dr. Pepper Snapple Group. It’s HQ is in Plano, Texas.


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