04 Aug 2016

Is Trump Deliberately Throwing the Election?

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Let’s see, this week, Donald Trump continued his public attacks on the family of a Muslim US Army Captain killed while serving in Iraq.

Trump made it clear that he is uninterested in GOP unity by announcing specifically that he is not supporting Paul Ryan or John McCain.

Airing of the famous Daisy political commercial by Democrats was made redundant when some source within the Trump Campaign leaked to Joe Scarborough the unsettling information that Donald Trump asked an unidentified foreign policy expert engaged in advising him, three times, why the US could not use nuclear weapons. That one made headlines all day yesterday.

The same RNC bigwigs who suppressed opposition and rammed the Trump nomination through the Convention two weeks ago, this week, are reportedly panicking.

Reince Priebus is described as “very frustrated” and “stressed,” because he is “running out of excuses” to offer party bigwigs about Trump’s political incompetence and indifference to basic political norms. Republicans are panicking because Trump is frittering away a chance to defeat Hillary Clinton amid “self inflicted mistakes” and “missed opportunities.”

Trump is sinking in the polls. Even Fox News is giving Hillary a ten-point lead.

And it’s only the beginning of August. The boxcar-loads of opposition research the Dems and their media allies have been saving up are still just sitting there, waiting to be unloaded and fired.

We are faced with two possibilities: either Donald Trump is such a spoiled and totally-deranged sociopathic narcissist that he is out of touch with reality, unadvisable and uncontrollable, and his personal dementia is causing him to self-destruct in the course of the campaign, or the Clinton-Trump Conspiracy Theory, the hypothesis that Trump was put up to all this by Bill Clinton as a diabolically-clever, Hail-Mary-Pass strategy to sabotage the Republican Party’s nominating process and elect the hideously-unpopular Hillary in what-ought-to-have-been a Republican landslide victory year, is really true.

(NYM contemplated the Conspiracy theory as far back as February and found further evidence in May.)

There is no way to know the truth at present, but it’s going to be interesting to watch events unfold.

Either way, whether Donald Trump is simply so nutsy-cuckoo that he can’t help sabotaging himself, or whether he is throwing the election deliberately and intentionally, it is a sad commentary on all those loco-in-the-cabeza Trumpshirts out there that they have been themselves barking mad enough to pin their hopes and lend their support to a totally-unqualified, ethically-challenged, blowhard millionaire, who is dubiously Republican and obviously anything but a principled conservative. Don’t blame National Review or the Conservative Movement for electing Hillary, when it was you who rejected all the decent, rational, conservative, and qualified GOP candidates and went whoring after a Reality-TV Celebrity Clown with a big mouth and a handful of airy promises and crackpot policy positions.

8 Feedbacks on "Is Trump Deliberately Throwing the Election?"

Seattle Sam

This is parallel to the argument the John Birch Society used to make. Dwight Eisenhower did a number of things that benefited the Soviets at the expense of the USA. Therefore, Eisenhower must be a Communist.

Trump is simply so full of himself (I didn’t used to think it possible to elect a bigger narcissist than Obama), that he turns every issue into a personal offense. Hillary must be ecstatic that she isn’t going to have to discuss policy between now and November.


I have long held that the Repubs have been “Akin”ed. (Akins/McCaskill – MO) If Trump is deliberately throwing the fight, I am not surprised, but I really think it’s just his ego. That aside, I do not blame those that voted for him so much as the GOP establishment that begged for votes so they could “do something about Obama” in Congress and then did NOTHING when they got there. The average voter is desperate; no wonder they went to Trump. At least he appeared to be saying the things the voters wanted said and without apologies. If the GOP had done what they promised this would never have happened.


When will The GOP House return to regular order? I understand Ryan was given a spending bill wrapped with a bow by Boehner as a parting gift, but omnibus spending bills subvert the process and lead to mischief.
So at this point I’m not a fan of Ryan’s. Especially when I read that the budget deal he struck with Obama increased the deficit in 2016 and will lead to $1 trillion deficits by 2022.

I understand that’s not why Trump is miffed at him. Remember Trump is the outsider. Once he has gained the presidency all the political intrigue that goes on secretly in DC will once again be secret– or maybe not. Wouldn’t it be refreshing if a politician said what he thought and did what he said he was going to do?

Trump’s in your face style is upsetting, but it got him where he is at a fraction of the cost of normal politics. So he’s on to something.

As to Kahn, I don’t think he disrespected the fallen soldier, but it is disingenuous for him to say he sacrificed his son. He lost his son and grief is to be expected. But I doubt he led his son to the recruiting office and forced him to enlist.

What is bizarre in all of this is Trump has repeatedly said he was against the war. It was Hillary Clinton that voted to send Kahn’s son into battle.

Steve Gregg

I’ll put a hundred bucks down on “spoiled and totally-deranged sociopathic narcissist that he is out of touch with reality, unadvisable and uncontrollable, and his personal dementia is causing him to self-destruct in the course of the campaign.”


Just curious. Suppose for a moment that for some reason either Trump or Hillary or both had to drop out of the race.

Who would take their place? Their vice-president picks? The next highest vote getter in the primaries? Whoever the establishment wants even if they didn’t run at all?

Just curious.

Kreston Kent

Please email me for a reviewer copy.


WikiLeaks Missing Hillary Email Proves Trump Sandbagging Election


August 05, 2016 – London, UK – WikiLeaks has released a newly recovered email suggesting a Trump – Clinton conspiracy was being hatched as early as 2008, the night she lost the primary to Barack Obama, to ensure her election eight years later.

Read Trump’s full confession of the conspiracy here:


Table of Contents
Chapter 1: What’s Good for Business is Good for America
Chapter 2: All About My ‘Bill’-ions
Chapter 3: Birth er’ a Master Plan
Chapter 4: O Say Cain You See
Chapter 5: A Left Crook and a Right Jeb
Chapter 6: What Really Berns My Craw
Chapter 7: Making Hillary Great Again
Chapter 8: Putin’ the Smack Down
Chapter 9: Systematically Dismantling the GOP
Chapter 10: Mindful Mindlessness
Chapter 11: If I Had Won
The End.


It’s extremely sad to watch a great country fall apart. Of a population of 320-some million and 240-some million eligible voters, this is the best we can do?


Recruited to throw an election? Completely outside the bounds of what Trump’s monstrous ego could ever allow himself to do.


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