21 Dec 2016

How Things Have Changed

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Old Salt

There were always peasants, peons, and cowards. They submitted gladly to whatever king or warlord happened to be in control.

The warriors and leaders all left for the new world or died in the world wars. Now they are importing new overlords.


This is what happens when the best of a continents young men, its future leaders, are repeatedly killed off over a span of 200 years in what amounted to 3 world wars. The French and Indian wars, the US and French revolutions, and the Napoleonic wars were really a combined world war over nearly 70 years between France and the British Empire, and should be classified as the real 1st world war.


IMHO this is not about the best and brightest being killed off. It is the result of 50-60 years of left wing propaganda and especially propaganda in the public schools to change ideas/minds. Most Euro leaders are a product of this propagandized culture and they are acting it out. What is necessary to shake them out of this fantasy is a huge dose of reality. This latest terrorist/refugee attack is ‘nothing’. Sure it was a big deal to the 12 people killed and the 50 people injured and of course their families. But for most of the propagandized it was an anomaly and it wasn’t about Islam or represent all the refugees, yada, yada, yada. Sadly it will take a big attack. Something really big to get the propagandized to wake up. It will come, make no mistake it will come. The question is will it come before the the radical Islamist succeed in a fulll scaled invasion of Europe/the West? Will radical Islam get ahold of their greatest desire; WMDs and use them before they fully occupy Europe? Time will tell.


The best and the brightest don’t killed off.


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