09 Mar 2017

“Kill Obamacare and Give It a Closed Casket Funeral”

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Kurt Schlichter has a message for President Obama and the Congressional GOP leadership.

When Paul Ryan and his congressional clown car of alleged conservatives surprised us by just sort of dropping Obamacare Jr. on us, I wasn’t surprised to see them trip all over their Guccis during the utterly inept roll out. These nimrods couldn’t effectively communicate to Elizabeth Warren with smoke signals. But even I was shocked at how transcendently crappy their proposed Obamacare replacement is. Let me put it this way: the only thing that steaming pile of failure would be good for is as the key prop in a very specialized, niche German porno film.

Seriously, how many times do we have to tell you? Obamacare must die. Kill it dead – with fire!

When are you going to get it through your wonk spheres that we don’t want a government-led health care system that leaves the people who infest D.C. in charge? We don’t need a “plan” because 85 percent of us already have a plan – it’s called “Taking responsibility for supporting ourselves and our families like damn adults.”

Yeah, we really mean it when we say we want Obamacare gone. DOA. Kaput. Call it over to the mob boss’s house under the pretense that it’s going to be made, then shoot it through the face so its mother can’t give it an open coffin at the funeral.

Are you feelin’ us now?

One Feedback on "“Kill Obamacare and Give It a Closed Casket Funeral”"


The problem is Obamacare was and is a tar baby. The Democrats created as a tar baby and they knew it would be the disaster it turned out to be. It can’t be fixed, it can’t be undone and it cannot be replaced. It is political suicide to try. They will do something with it but it will only make it worse and they will forever be stuck holding the Obamacare tar baby. Every few years whatever this Republican congress did will need more fixing/tweaking and a new crop of congressmen will become attached to this tar baby.

What to do? There is only one thing to do. Don’t touch the tar baby, end it don’t mend it. Yes even ending Obamacare completely is a trap for congress but it is the best possible solution. They won’t do that of course because when has the Republican leadership ever chosen the best possible solution? No, they will chose the easiest solution or in this case what will look like the easiest solution. And it will be a mistake…


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