06 May 2017

Starfleet Cancels Redshirt Health Insurance

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Newsthump reports:

New healthcare proposals would result in bridge and command crew keeping access to Medbay, but security personnel being forced to make their own provision.

Members of Starship crew who are ‘statistically most likely’ to be shot, stabbed or sprayed by hypnotic plants will have to supply their own cover for treatment of alien parasites in their skulls after Starfleet brought in new healthcare directives yesterday.

Crewmembers who spend their time being beamed to hostile planets have been told that being sent on an away mission into the unknown terrors of a hostile and uncaring universe is being reclassified as a ‘pre-existing condition’, meaning they will not be entitled to Medbay treatment should the entirely predictable happen.


Hat tip to Karen L. Myers.

2 Feedbacks on "Starfleet Cancels Redshirt Health Insurance"

Dick the Butcher

Kudos to “Newsthump.”

That is the most intellectually honest and coherent discussion of the bill I have seen.

The lying, liberal (redundant) media’s coverage provided, believe it or not, less useful information (than did “Newsthump”) on the large numbers of catastrophes facing US health care.

Seattle Sam

There is a little noticed clause in the Bill of Rights conveying the right to have someone else provide for you the kind of medical care you want.


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